TNA Sacrifice Results (5/13/12) - New Tag Team Champions, Bobby Roode Retains

This leads into a video package highlighting Roode vs. RVD, and considering how a lot of this PPV has gone, I'm sure they'll milk as much time out of this package as they're able to.

Ladder Match for the TNA Championship
- Bobby Roode (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

The entrances:

After running down the Tale of the Tape, and going over how RVD made it into this match, which I'm pretty sure they've already explained several times tonight, RVD is the first man to make his way out to the ring. Van Dam gets a good reaction from the crowd as he makes his way out to challenge for the title that he never lost.

Bobby Roode is out next, and the champ gets a bit of a mixed reaction, and it sounds like a couple of fans are chanting for him.

After formal ring introductions from JB, I think we're finally done with all of the stalling, and ready to get this match underway.

The start:

The bell rings and RVD and Roode jaw with each other. Roode scores a kick to the gut, sending RVD into the ropes. RVD comes back with a series of kicks, taking Roode to the mat with a kick to the side of the head. RVD sends Roode to the outside over the top rope. RVD follows out and looks under the ring before going to grab a ladder.

Mid-match notes:

Roode catches RVD with a boot and sends him into the barricade. RVD avoids being sent into the ring post and sends Roode into the barricade instead. RVD suplexes Roode over the guard rail and heads up to the apron, hitting a big leg drop across Roode's back.

Van Dam grab a ladder and sets it up against the ring post. RVD heads back into the ring, but Roode kicks the middle rope into RVD's crotch on the way in. Roode hits a DDT and lay out RVD. Roode heads to the outside and grabs a ladder, but when he goes to bring it in, RVD dropkicks the ladder into his face. Van Dam launches himself over the top, crashing down into Roode.

RVD brings the ladder into the ring and goes to climb it, but Roode stops him and sends Van Dam crashing into the ladder. Roode sets up the ladder in the corner before stomping away at RVD. Roode chops and punches RVD, but RVD reverses an Irish whip and sends Roode crashing into the ladder in the corner. RVD props the ladder in between the second and third rope. RVD ducks being thrown into the ladder, but Roode is able to catapult RVD into the ladder head first.

Roode grabs the ladder and drives it into RVD's back before propping it up on the middle rope. Roode tries to suplex RVD on the ladder, but RVD is able to reverse it before hitting a lionsault while Roode is still laid across the ladder. Roode catches RVD with a boot to the stomach, but he runs into a back elbow and eats a springboard kick before RVD sends Roode crashing into the ladder in the corner with a crazy flying body scissors. Van Dam picks up the ladder and props it up against Roode before going to the outside and grabbing a chair. RVD runs around the ring and drives the chair into the ladder, into Roode.

RVD grabs another ladder and sets it up in the middle of the ring. RVD begins the climb, but Roode is up right after him. Roode rakes the eyes and forces RVD to fall, but RVD tips over the ladder. Aries catches RVD with a huge clothesline.

Roode sets a ladder down in the middle of the ring and hits a huge spinebuster, planting RVD on the ladder. Roode picks up the ladder and tosses it aside. Roode tries for something, but RVD counters and monkey flips Roode into the ladder propped in the corner. RVD follows it up with rolling thunder while Roode is still laid out on the ladder. RVD sets up the ladder and kicks away at Roode before slamming the ladder down. RVD misses a kick, but a second attempt and RVD connects, laying Roode out on the ladder. RVD heads to the top and tries for the five star frog splash, but Roode moves and RVD crashes into the ladder.

The finish:

Roode picks up the ladder and uses it to send Van Dam crashing out to the floor and into the barricade. Roode sets up the ladder and begins climbing to the top. RVD tries to leap into the ladder, but he botches it badly and RVD looks to mangle his own leg. Roode climbs up the ladder, and RVD tries to climb after him, but Roode pushes him down head first into the mat and chair, and RVD's leg is twisted in the ladder again. Roode grabs the title, and falls to the mat as RVD kicks at the ladder.

Winner and Still TNA World Champion: Bobby Roode

RVD doesn't look too happy, heading to the outside, staring down Roode and looking to refuse medical attention. After replays of the match, the PPV ends with Bobby Roode smiling and holding his title high.

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  • 4xking


  • AJG316

    Is it just me or Is Gail being used A HELL OF A LOT BETTER IN TNA THAN SHE WAS IN WWE

  • Terra Ryzing

    Its time for crimson to lose already. I'm bored with him and they need to take his character in a different direction. Undefeated characters usually fail cuz no one knows what to do after they lose.

    On the other hand I'm glad Roode retained.

  • Kevin

    I was really hoping RVD would get another run as champ, but I guess Roode is the man of the hour right now. Probably leading to a Storm return to defeat Roode and take his title.