TNA VICTORY ROAD COVERAGE: No Holds Barred Match: Sting vs. Bobby Roode

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Sting gets back to his feet, but Roode takes him out from behind with a chop block. Roode sets Sting's leg on the bottom rope and jumps down on top of it. Roode kicks away at the knees of Sting before chopping away at him in the corner. Sting retreats across the ring and Roode follows. Sting blocks a punch and begins fighting back. Sting blocks a hip toss and counters into a back slide. Roode charges and delivers a dropkick to Sting's leg.

Roode stomps at Sting's legs and ankles before stepping over into a figure four leg lock. Roode pulls back, putting pressure on Sting's legs.

Sting struggles, even letting his shoulders drop down to the mat. Sting attempts to turn Roode over and reverse the hold. Sting turns himself over and Roode makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Roode makes his way back to his feet and turns right back to the knees, stomping away at Sting. Roode hits the Icon with another chop block, clipping him from behind. Roode goes for the figure four again, but Sting is able to roll Roode up for a two count. Roode hits Sting with a big chop, then another, but Sting is unfazed.

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  • XKonn247

    Wow. Russo goes and that’s how they end a world title match? By making a veteran look totally unaware of ring positioning… Lame.

    • Jester

      It was a bad ending, but it wasn’t a world title match.

      • havoc525

        Makes even more sense, right? Let’s have this guy as champion, but, he won’t defend at the PPV, instead he’ll face a guy who’s best days were a generation ago, in a meaninless match, you could just as easily have done on Impact.

    • Aldin94

      Wow everyone doesnt realize the end of the ppv was a good way to make Roode look like a mega heal. Give it some time and see how this leads towards LockDown.