TNA VICTORY ROAD LIVE COVERAGE: AJ Styles And Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

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The bell rings and it looks like Anderson and Daniels will start things off for their respective teams. Daniels backs off, and Kaz tags in. Kaz and Anderson lock up and Kaz backs Anderson into the corner. Anderson ducks a right hand and beats on Kaz in the corner before sending him across the ring and hitting a big clothesline. Styles tags in and Kaz begs off, heading into his own corner and tagging out to Daniels. Daniels slowly makes his way into the ring, and he and Styles lock up. Styles locks in a headlock to wear down Daniels. Daniels fights out of the hold and puts on a headlock of his own. Styles sends Daniels into the ropes, but eats a big shoulderblock. Styles comes right back with a hip toss, then an arm drag right into an arm bar.

Dixie Carter is shown sitting ringside with some reality show host, or something. When they go back to the action in the ring, Daniels hits Styles with a wicked right hand. Styles comes back with a nice dropkick before he and Anderson hit Daniels with repeated rights. Daniels bails to the outside, so Anderson follows to fight. Kazarian gets involved, then so does Styles. Everyone moves back into the ring where Styles and Anderson whip Kaz and Daniels into each other. AJ hits a knee drop on Kaz, and Anderson hits Daniels with a series of elbow drops.

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  • AJG316

    I didnt know you could choke socks with a Jeff hardy. THAT'S BIG NEWS TO ME