TNA VICTORY ROAD LIVE COVERAGE: AJ Styles And Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

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Styles suplexes Daniels, holding him in the air for a long time before dropping him to the mat. AJ picks Daniels up to his feet, and tag out to Anderson, who comes in a kicks Daniels in the gut. Anderson sends Daniels into the ring and hits a back elbow for a near fall. Daniels catches Anderson with a knee to the gut, and Daniels tags out. Kaz comes in and walks right into a hip toss. Anderson tags out, and he and Styles hit a double hip toss. Styles hit Kaz with a big right hand before sending him into the corner. Styles charges into the corner and is backdropped to the apron. Daniels attacks and sends Styles crashing to the floor. Daniels follows and slams AJ into the barricade before sending him back into the ring.

Daniels tags into the match and hits AJ with a big jab to the face. Daniels punches Styles again, and again, sending him to the mat and pinning him for a one count. Daniels hits a big back heel kick, putting Styles down for another one count. Styles tries to fight back, hitting a couple of forearms, but he's caught in an abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring.

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  • AJG316

    I didnt know you could choke socks with a Jeff hardy. THAT'S BIG NEWS TO ME