TNA VICTORY ROAD LIVE COVERAGE: AJ Styles And Mr. Anderson vs. Christopher Daniels and Kazarian

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Anderson attempts to get the fans riles up, and Styles is able to hip toss Daniels out of the hold. Styles charges Daniels in the corner and runs right into a big boot from Daniels. Kaz tags into the match, and walks into a headscissors and chin breaker from Styles. Daniels attacks Styles from behind, and Kaz makes the tag to bring Daniels into the match. Daniels stands over AJ, taunting him, before sending him into the corner hard. Daniels hits an Arabian press, good for another two count. Daniels clamps on a rear chin lock, continuing to wear down Styles. Styles fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but Daniels suplexes him and Styles lands on his face. Daniels lays in with a soccer ball kick to the ribs.

Daniels goes for the pin, but Styles won't stay down. Kaz tags into the match, and Daniels whips Kaz into the corner, where he monkey flips Styles. Styles lands on his feet, clotheslines Daniels, and hits Kaz with a Pele kick. Styles tags out to Anderson who comes in and takes out both Kaz and Daniels with clotheslines, neckbreakers and hitting a Green Bay plunge, putting Kaz on top of Daniels. Anderson goes for the pin but only gets two. Daniels and Kaz send Anderson into the ropes, but Anderson fights them off. Anderson tries for the mic check on Kaz, but Daniels catches him with a kick to the head, then an STO. Styles comes in and hits a big flying clothesline on Daniels, then a huge clothesline on Kaz. Styles tries for the inverted DDT from the corner, but Daniels catches him with a boot to the face and everyone's down.

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  • AJG316

    I didnt know you could choke socks with a Jeff hardy. THAT'S BIG NEWS TO ME