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Angle heads into the ring and when Hardy follows, Angle attacks. Angle stomps away at Hardy in the corner, laying in with stiff right hands. Angle chokes Hardy with his boot. Angle taunts Jeff, hitting him with an uppercut. Hardy responds with an inverted atomic drop, then a leg drop to Angle's midsection that's good for another near fall. Angle rolls to the outside, and Hardy is quick to follow, hitting Angle and sending him head first into a chair at ringside. Angle comes back with a shot to the gut, but Hardy launches Angle into the ring steps and Angle goes flying.

Hardy pulls the stairs out a bit and goes for poetry in motion, but Angle moves and Hardy crashes into the guard rail. Angle rolls back into the ring and orders the ref to begin counting.

Angle heads to the outside to break the count, and he kicks away at Hardy's knees. Angle picks Hardy up to his feet and sends him back into the ring, going for the pin immediately. Hardy is able to kick out at two. Angle stomps at Hardy, kicking him in the face. Angle picks Hardy up to his feet and suplexes him to the mat, going for the pin right away again. Hardy still won't stay down, but he looks like his back is hurting. Angle mounts Hardy from behind and locks in a rear chin lock, putting the pressure on Hardy's back and neck.

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  • Swanson

    This sounds like a good match. I’m glad these guys get to show their stuff.

  • Frenchfry

    seems like a lame ending tho lol

  • ThatGuy

    What a cheat, Kurt angle can’t beat hardy for real, I bet I they had a steel cage match that Jeff would own him