TNA VICTORY ROAD LIVE COVERAGE: TNA Knockouts Championship Match: Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne

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Kim and Rayne exchange strikes, and Kim comes back with a couple of big clotheslines before springboarding out of the corner with a huge cross body for another near fall. Gail whips Rayne into the corner and charges in after with a big spear. Gail heads up to the top and launches herself off with a big missile dropkick. Kim goes for the pin, but Rayne is able to kick out at two. Kim goes for eat defeat, but Rayne fights it off. Both women trade roll ups, before Madison hits a face breaker and follows up with a neckbreaker that's good for another two count. Kim hits a nasty uppercut, but she's caught with a boot from Rayne. Rayne slams Kim down into the mat, face first before locking in another chin lock and screaming that they're not friends anymore.

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