TNA VICTORY ROAD LIVE COVERAGE: TNA Tag Team Championship Match: Samoa Joe And Magnus vs. Crimson And Matt Morgan

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Backstage, JB is alongside Bobby Roode. JB apologizes for his co-worker Eric Bischoff. JB has another Twitter question, asking how Roode plans on beating Sting, and how he plans on getting inside Storm's head. Roode says here's a Twitter answer. The talking is over, the mind games are over. Sting's made his bed, and now he has to lie in it. No Holds Barred. Tonight, Roode ends Sting's career. He says as far as Storm is concerned, he's never beaten Roode one on one, and next month he'll prove, but he's interrupted by Storm. Storm stares down the champ before saying they have a World Title match at Lockdown, but he's not looking for a match, he's looking for a fight, right now, right here. He calls Roode a chump. Roode smirks and walks off. Storm turns and heads in the opposite direction.

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  • Alex

    At least they didn't go the predictable route and make Morgan be the one that turned heel, like they did when they did this exact same storyline with Morgan teaming up with Joe & Hernadez years ago.