TNA Wrestling Drops Lawsuit Against WWE

TNA Wrestling's lawsuit against WWE was dismissed in a Nashville, TN court on Wednesday. TNA filed the motion for dismissal, stating terms had been reached by all parties and they agreed to drop the litigation. Legal fees were paid by the respective parties.

TNA filed the lawsuit in May 2012, alleging former office employee Brian Wittenstein provided WWE with confidential information and trade secrets. The litigation claimed WWE used the information in an attempt to poach their roster.

As a result, WWE initiated a hiring freeze where they would not hire anyone with an expiring TNA contract.  Not only that but WWE refused to hire anyone that had been employed by by TNA Wrestling while Wittenstein was an employee there.

This is believed to be the reason why Ric Flair is appearing on WWE TV without a contract and why some TNA names re-signed rather than attempting to go to WWE, despite interest in their services.

  • Kleck

    Let the WWE hiring of talent begin. In reality though, who knows what those terms were in fact. The lawsuit seemed to be a petty attempt of hog tying talent to TNA contracts.


      do you not mean it’s time for wwe to rape another company that has a better current roster than wwe.

      • Kleck

        If TNA had such a better roster in fact, they would not be scrapping bottom barrel in terms of ratings and interest. The cream rises to the top. Fact is, WWE has the better talent of the two companies. Don’t get me wrong, TNA isn’t without its talent (Aries, hardy, and Storm). It’s doesn’t top current the WWE roster.

        • sir-rusty82

          Richard can we get a recap on the people who resigned with TNA and those that still have option on going to WWE now or in the near future?

        • I would have to disagree. While some companies may be on the bottom by not producing ratings and numbers, they could very well have the best talent. Talent is different from exposure. WWE is the top dog. Everyone knows them. They market and advertise. TNA lacks that. If there is so much talent in, let’s say, ROH, why did WWE grab Daniel Bryan and Punk?

          • Kleck

            You can never have enough talent.

  • Dangerous Lee

    AJ Styles: “Nows our chance! C’mon guys we’re going to the wwe!” *runs out of impact zone*


  • PainOfDemise

    Well this is interesting. Let’s see what the next few months bring on now.

  • Patrick

    about time now get to hireing WWE.. I can understand TNA’s side of it of a fomer office worker giving a rival company private info….but TNA was being petty about it limiting a wrestler’s chance to go to WWE was not a bright move by TNA….not a good way to endear yourself to your workers. they have a right to make a living and move on to other places.

  • I guess some of the talent that have re-signed with TNA (Velvet Sky, for one) are banging their heads on the wall right now.

  • Is Samoa Joe’s contract almost up Richard?

  • joe

    Ladie amd gentlemen the new manager of rawwwww wooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Chris

    And now, if he was’t dumb enough to sign, the Hardy’s will be back for Wrestlemania.

  • Jimmy

    Wrestlmania 29 starts to look even better