TNA Wrestling Removes The Knockout Tag Team Championships From Their Website

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TNA Wrestling removed the Knockout Tag Team Championships from their official website. If you look under the roster page, you will no longer find the tag titles.

The tag team titles were stripped from Eric Young and ODB two weeks ago on the 6/20/13 episode of Impact Wrestling. You can find the results here.

Eric Young and ODB won the Knockout Tag Team Titles back in April of 2012.

  • LBP365

    GREAT NOW use one belt to b (change the style of course) the AMERICAN TITLE in TNA it’s too many storylines James Storm the” AMERICAN COWBOY”, Kurt Angle the” AMERICAN GOLD MEDLIST,” MR. Anderson from” AMERICA HEARTLAND”, AJ Styles has won all four major titles in TNA. THINK ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!

    • steve pritchard

      That would be a great idea except for the fact that it would be copying wwe more than they already do! They need to just leave these belts alone and make x division what it once was. That title and the matches involved were one of the few things I liked about tna . Right now they’re just a bad imitation of the wwe which btw isn’t close to what it used to be. Wcw all over again but less entertaining

  • John

    I’ve never been much of a TNA fan. The only times i have watched on a semi-regular basis was when they first went to monday nights (which was an epic-fail) and when the original Main Event Mafia storyline was going on (which i thought was pretty well done).

    However i decided to check it out recently and have been watching on a weekly basis and in my opinion TNA is actually a pretty good show.. definitely not a bad imitation of WWE! There is a few things that i’m not a fan of.. like the way Aces & Eights have been booked.. Too much Hulk Hogan, especially when it’s completely unnecessary.. Also not really a fan of the “rebirth” of the MEM!

    However the TNA roster is every bit as strong as the WWE roster, if not stronger. Love the fact that they have ran with Bully Ray and let him shine in his role as a heel. I’m really hoping that WWE take notice and take a gamble on Mark Henry.