Tommy Dreamer Analyzes The Rock vs. John Cena, Natalya Talks WrestleMania Fashion, More

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-Tommy Dreamer wrote an article for The Kingston Whig Standard recently, in which he analyzes the match between The Rock & John Cena at WrestleMania XXVIII. Click here to read the full article.

- Natalya has a new blog up on her official website in which she discusses her fashion-related preparations for WrestleMania weekend, and makes some in-character digs at Eve & Kelly Kelly. Click here to read the blog.

-The official WWE YouTube channel has a new preview of its new website, embedded below:

  • mjledesma

    That was actually a pretty good article. Tommy hit it on the button, the fans will be the real winners. This WRESTLEMANIA will probably be the best in a long while.

    On a side note: Could you imagine The Rock on ECW? I would love to hear that story along with Paul’s idea for him.

  • Rebel

    There is nothing about Dreamer. I do believe the link has changed.

  • Scotty

    The analises by Dreamer was pretty good but why dies he have to be so full of himself “I must say Cena has had more success using my move than I did haha” what an idiot! Get over yourself Dreamer!