Tom's Tidings: Where Was Austin?, LaVar Ball Controversy, News On Sasha Banks & Paul Heyman

- Where was Steve Austin is the million dollar question everyone wants to know. Austin was planned to be on Raw, as we reported earlier in the day. Images appeared all over the internet of Austin arriving at the arena around 5 p.m. The story goes a little haywire after that for whatever reason as things fell apart and he obviously was not on the show. We should have more details in the next 24 hours.

- LaVar Ball did not want to play a heel character on the show and they came up with the MizTV angle even though he was told he was going to be booed no matter what. Prior to the show, I'm told he was challenging to work with and very demanding.

The MizTV segment was cut short as Vince and Dunn did not like where it was going at all and sent Dean Ambrose out. They tried going right to commercial and that's where, with a live mic, the youngest Ball was caught using the "n" word twice. Vince was furious at this point and let it be known to anyone around him.

On the headset, Vince even had Booker T and Corey Graves rip into the price of the LaVar's shoes and how they looked. He was that upset. WWE obviously sent out a statement today regarding the language used on the show.

- The restart push for Sasha Banks is a two-fold. One, there is a lack of babfaces on the women's side that can be pushed on Raw. And two, they know she can work in the ring and would like to have better matches as the felt Alexa Bliss and Bayley lacked chemistry in their matches (not that it was just poorly produced).

- Paul Heyman has put in a lot of effort and time into how the Joe/Brock feud has been built and to make it have the "big fight" feel. He also did this with Brock and Goldberg. The original plan was for this to be a one-off, however everyone, including Vince, are liking how it is coming across, so it is possible they could get another match.

- For those wondering, the SummerSlam main event still has not been cemented at this point and there are a few different directions they are considering. We exclusively covered the big four bouts penciled in for the show HERE last week.

  • Poor Miz. He did what he could but nothing worked last night for “Miz TV”. WWE should have known better than to bring the LeVar and his kids out there. They kinda got what they deserved, really.

    • Tone

      100% agree.

    • ROB-1.

      It sure was a waste of airtime.

    • Vomkrieg

      As soon as he said his guest was a basketball player, I hit fast forward. Like a lot of the international audience, I don’t give a stuff about basketball.

  • Terra Ryzing

    I’m cool with Sasha and Alexa for the title, but man, the way they are using Bayley is downright criminal. What made her character so awesome was that despite having this “bubbly, happy to be here” personality, she’d show grit and determination when her back was against the wall. She submitted Nia Jax in NXT and in that gauntlet match she was pretty much squashed. I know the NXT and RAW are different shows and they’re trying to build up Nia as a monster but I feel like they could’ve built up Bayley and NIa at the same time, with a little bit more offense from Bayley and they having Nia take her out. Just my two cents.

  • David F

    Sasha has been a disappointment as a babyface. remember the we want sasha chants after take over. She and Bayley are irrelevant now. I wish Kharma would return and squash them both

    • kingdook24

      Sasha’s face run was a disappointment, not because of her: but because of her direction from Creative. She is clearly over as a baby face, just as she was as a heel. The problem was that WWE clearly doesn’t see Sasha like they do Charlotte. Sure, Sasha beat her, I believe twice or three times for the title, but it was always on RAW. She never got a big win on a PPV against her and that’s because Charlotte is A to WWE and Sasha is B. What was it, three straight PPV loses to Charlotte, and the one was the Iron Woman match where WWE trolled us thinking that Sasha was gonna win, but played the injury angle and she inevitably lost. .. and that “injury” carried over into the Nia Jax angle. People are slowly started to lose faith in her. And there is questions about her durability as she has been frequently injured in the past: whether that’s due to her durability or Charlotte being wreckless, I don’t know.

      It got to the point where WWE, IMO, put her in this category: I call it Dolph Zigglered. She is very dependable to put on a decent/stellar match, but due to her style of wrestling and durability, WWE doesn’t want to risk building around them. This is basically Dolph Ziggler.

      Now, Bayley’s situation is different. She basically is in the same boat as the Ascension. She’s been somewhat doomed to fail since being drafted to RAW. Now, her only problem IMO is that is is very bad on the mic. Very bad, to the point where her segments are almost unwatchable. And they always make her play the victim. You keep making someone the victim, eventually fans will necessarily turn against her; but will lose faith in her. That’s what has happened with Dolph Ziggler – people have lost faith in him, too. And I think Sasha is soon to follow as well.