Triple H Addresses Match Finish To Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan On Raw, Kofi Unboxes New Figures

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- This week's kayfabe Triple H interview is now online. In it, Hunter gives his thoughts on Randy Orton being the first WWE World Heavyweight Champion and said it just proves he was right. Triple H said he doesn't know why Orton would be punished for his low blow on Daniel Bryan in the main event of this week's Raw. He said they gave the WWE Universe what they wanted. You can watch it at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Kofi Kingston unboxes Mattel's Elite Series 25 at this link. You can also watch in the video below:

  • Tony Rankin

    I may have missed this question and the answer to it in previous comment section but I’ve never clicked on a “kayfabe Triple H interview” article. What’s the purpose of it? Is it to help flush out some of the nonsensical booking that’s done?

    • It’s their way of pushing The Authority’s power in a weekly interview series.

  • What was the point to the close of the 12/9 Raw if they were just gonna continue to have Randy Orton in the overwhelming good graces of the Authority?

  • Padres4life

    what was the point of having Bryan face Orton on Raw? is Bryan back in the title hunt? or was it just a one off match? Orton still has yet to pin Bryan clean, are they doing that for a reason? DB is red hot again and yet there are no plans of ever giving him the belt it looks like. Why is the WWE blundering so bad with him? they have a goldmine in Bryan…do they even realize it?