Triple H Addresses Shawn Michaels/Daniel Bryan From Raw, "Bans Big Show For Life"

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WWE has posted this week's kayfabe Michael Cole interview with Triple H. Below are the highlights:

  • Triple H said he didn't help Shawn Michaels when Daniel Bryan put him in the Yes! Lock because Shawn told him to let him handle is own business. Hunter said isn't funny how "karma" comes back around because after Daniel did that what he did to Shawn, he was "rushed to a hospital" after being attacked. Shawn walked out on his own, Daniel Bryan went in an ambulance.
  • Hunter said as of this moment, The Big Show is "banned from the WWE for life."

You can watch the entire interview at this link.

  • Avalanchian

    See the Big Show on Monday!

    • Patrick

      I agree because the restraining order worked so well.

      • Avalanchian

        Yup and soon or later we will find out how no security or anything ever come to get him.

  • Mysterion

    The Big Show angle has been horrendously handled. Who the hell is going to believe he’s fired when he keeps having his music pumped into every arena!? It’s even worse than when Cena was “fired” but was wandering round backstage jumping the talent.

  • JR Texx

    I think banning The Big Show for life was a mistake, it’s not believable.