Triple H - “Time Off Is Your Worst Enemy”

USA Today’s “For the Win” blog conducted an interview with Triple H back in February. In it, he spoke on a number of topics including preparing for his upcoming match against Sting at Wrestlemania 31.

Hunter had some interesting comments in regards to wrestlers getting time off.

Below is an excerpt:

I got in the ring for the first time the other day and fell down for the first time and it felt like my body exploded when I landed. It takes a little bit. You can train, but its one of those things where ‘experts’ of our business that have never done it will say ‘oh if they gave guys time off it would be better for them’ or whatever, but it’s honestly, having done this for 20 plus years — time off is your worst enemy. It really is, it makes it so much harder to do this.

When you’re doing it all the time it’s like a callus, you’re doing it and it doesn’t bother you. You’re functioning and you can do it every night. When you haven’t done it, getting in there and doing the simplest thing, you’re like ‘oh my God, why am I doing this again?’ You’ve got to get yourself back in the process of getting back in the ring, and the hardest [part] of doing that is… it’s easy to go through that stuff when you’ve got 80,000 people screaming at you, it’s not so easy when you’re in a warehouse with a ring set up all by yourself. It hurts a whole lot more.

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Triple H’s comments are in direct opposition to those that suggest WWE should have an offseason like there is in professional sports to allow talent to get time off to recover.

Richard Reacts: Is there a contradiction here? Brock Lesnar has only worked 10 matches for WWE since re-signing in April 2012. I completely understand Triple H’s point -- that time off causes one to get out of shape and accumulate ring rust. But Brock Lesnar has as much time off as anyone, yet he's the guy that gets the strap.

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  • Ben

    Well I guess the question is this: does Triple H really think Lesnar should have had the belt? Is he a big supporter of having part-time talent dominating Wrestlemania? Hunter’s talking as an in-ring worker here, but he does have to consider the executive aspect as well. The idea seemed to be that Lesnar rarely appearing and sparsely defending the belt would make those events major attractions and be big draws. Now we agree that Lesnar’s title reign has been a huge failure, but if his appearances coincided with spikes in Network subscriptions (hypothetically speaking, I don’t know the numbers), it would be hard to argue with the theory that Lesnar is drawing well and perhaps working as a champ.

  • Devon

    HHH wasn’t saying time off makes a talent better or worse in terms of being a gifted athlete entertainer or pro wrestler. He was just saying it takes a longer for some to get back into ring shape. Clearly he isn’t in Jericho or Brock Lesnar shape, because those guys take time off most of the year, suit up like it’s not a problem without missing a step. I think you are misinterpreting HHHs comments and on top of that I think HHH is just getting old.

  • 1molly23

    HHH needs to have a heart to heart with Lesnar and remind him if you don’t use it you lose it. Richard you hit the nail right on the head!