UFC Ruins Holly Holm, Backstage News On WWE Title Match At Battleground, Heyman's Frustration, Trump Acknowledges McMahon Friendship, More

- Holly Holm lost to Valentina Shevchenko by unanimous decision (49-46, 49-46, 49-46) after going all five rounds at UFC on Fox: Holm vs. Shevchenko in Chicago, IL on Saturday night. Holm has now lost twice since shocking the world by knocking out Ronda Rousey last November. We spend a lot of time critiquing WWE over their booking decisions and I know it’s harder to compare UFC because the outcomes aren’t predetermined but why UFC ever allowed Holm to step in the octagon before a Rousey rematch is beyond me. If she sits on the couch and waits for Rousey, she has at least two fights with massive payouts. Now, there is no reason for Ronda to even take a rematch against Holm. Holm truly made herself a one-hit wonder and Dana White is to blame. It’s up to him to put his foot down and refuse to promote a Holm fight against anyone other than Ronda Rousey. Of course she wanted to fight, she’s a fighter but these were two disasters that could have been masked by well-promoted Rousey encounters. UFC must protect their superstars, just like WWE. It doesn't matter if Holm isn't truly a superstar, it's up to UFC to make her look like one after her victory against Rousey. That's why no one else should have faced her. I know the UFC purists will preach parity and the fact Holm doesn't care about being a celebrity and just wants to fight but they're missing the point. UFC is a commercially driven $4 billion empire. You have to give the fans storylines to follow, something to hold onto besides pure fighting. It's kind of like how WWE is storyline-driven as opposed to promoting pure wrestling. Fans need storylines because storylines create attachment, which sparks interest and generates revenue.

- After making a surprise return at Friday night’s WWE live event in Delaware, Roman Reigns returned to the ring last night at WWE’s show in Wildwood, NJ. He went over Kevin Owens and cut a backstage promo to hype tonight’s triple threat match for the WWE Championship against his former Shield brothers:

- Reigns is coming back from his first violation of the WWE Wellness Policy after testing positive for amphetamines. Friday was his first day back on the payroll and he’ll headline tonight’s Battleground show.

- WWE Battleground is tonight with the Kickoff starting at 7 PM ET. We’ll have complete coverage here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com with exclusive analysis preceding and proceeding the show. Make sure to have plans to join our WWE Battleground “Open Thread” starting at 7 PM ET with streaming live results and your discussion. We previewed the lineup at this link.

- Xavier Woods & Big E missed Saturday’s WWE live event in Salisbury, Maryland. Big E was at the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame weekend at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame Dan Gable Museum, while I believe Woods had a travel issue. Kofi Kingston worked a singles match on the show, going over Erick Rowan.

- Tonight appears to be the final night for Braun Strowman in The Wyatt Family as he was drafted to Raw with Bray Wyatt and Erick Rowan going to Smackdown. We continue to hear there is a lot of disappointment in Strowman’s in-ring work with the feeling being his punches and kicks even need work. His size is great but he’s not improving as fast as they would like.

- Our writers did their Battleground predictions, so make sure to check them out. The only thing I will add is that we’ve heard a convoluted finish is in play for the triple threat match for the WWE Championship. We’re expecting Dean Ambrose to walk away strapped with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins battling for a second world title on Raw.

- There is optimism that Paul Heyman will resolve his contract issues with WWE before SummerSlam. His deal expired this month and he’s been frustrated because he doesn’t have a downside guarantee and works per appearance. With his limited usage, he was threatening to not re-sign. We’re still expecting him with Brock Lesnar (assuming Lesnar can go) in the coming weeks, barring a change.

- Donald Trump stated Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press with Chuck Todd that Vince McMahon called him and told him that his Undertaker-like entrance at the Republican National Convention was a “very, very good entrance.” Trump called him Vincent and stated that the two are good friends. You can watch the entrance at this link.

- Patrick Clark, who was busted open on Friday night, worked last night’s WWE NXT live event in a nose guard in Cocoa, Florida. He “did the honors” for Niko Bogojevic.

- MVP has falsified Teddy Long’s claim that he’s returning to WWE following the 2016 Draft. “Sorry bro. It's just not true.” is what he tweeted to one fan that asked.

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  • Dave Barton

    Braun’s size, physique, hair, and movement remind me a whole lot of Big John Studd.

    That’s all. No opinion on if they should make him a retro clone of the HOFer or not, because despite the similarities, this is a completely different era of wrestling.

    • Braun wishes he was a quarter of the wrestler Big John Studd was.

  • Patrick

    ” It’s kind of like how WWE is storyline-driven as opposed to promoting pure wrestling. Fans need storylines because storylines create attachment, which sparks interest and generates revenue.”

    I’m in the minority I like pure wrestling. matches better over storyline. driven. I don’t need storylines to be interested in a match.

  • David F

    Hey look Roman has a beard now. You know what that means right???

    • Trapdoor

      He couldn’t find the switch on his razor? 😉

  • mike-atolla of rocknrolla

    So your saying holm should have sat at home all this time only rarely showing up to call someone out ? Sorta like a part time wwe champion they used to have. She did exactly what she should have done and fight.

    • Gary Robert


    • See above

      • mike-atolla of rocknrolla

        Im not sure what your saying. It appears you said she should have sat around and every now and then call rousey out. Ill read it again it was late when i read it but im pretty sure thats what you said. If so i think its crazy to think ufc should do that seeing all the crap wwe took for doing it with lesnar. Todays fans want to see title fights.

  • Robert

    Maybe Strowman should have went to NXT first.

    • Jesse Elizabeth Sherwood

      He was in NXT first. In fact, he was part of the first wave of talent signings after the WWEPC opened.

      • Adam

        “Talent” :DDD

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      I didn’t say that. People were saying those remarks after a fight she was in under the comment sections. They were saying she wasn’t fighting the right people.

  • Gary Robert

    Holly Holm is also your champion and can’t sit on the couch upwards of a year waiting to see if Rousey would even return.

    • If I was in Dana White’s position, she doesn’t fight until Rousey. Period. You all are purists. I get it but it’s poor business.

      • Adam

        I would agree if the time frame was shorter but not having a title defense in a year? 6 months or less I would agree 100% but I feel like they should’ve padded out Tate Holm to fill the gap with a rematch at 200 or later as the first fight came down to the final round and even if Miesha beat Holm again Tate Rousey 3 could still do some good business. For me the belt shouldn’t be held hostage for a year because Ronda’s filming movies and “isn’t ready”. Do you think if she’d beaten Holm she would be sitting out a year? I doubt that personally

  • David McClintock

    UFC needs to protect its superstars from legitimate competition? NO. That has nothing to do with combat fighting. This sport is about merit. It’s real. WWE is a fake predetermined staged clown show. You can’t use WWE advise in MMA. It doesn’t work. Holm will need to win a couple fights before getting Rousey. Besides what makes you think Rousey wants to face the 12-1 underdog who pulled her card? Holm beat the snot out of her badly. That gave Rousey mental issues. Her mental issues are WORSE than the defeat itself. Harder to overcome. Holly has to win a couple before Rousey rematch. Also it’s tradition that a long term undisputed champion gets an immediate rematch so chances are Rousey will get Nunes or someone else first. That would be even better cause Rhonda becomes the champion again … Meanwhile Holms beats a few cans .. Then Holms takes Rhonda’s belt again 🙂

    • Purist. I understand. But it’s a commercial entertainment product. Create stars; the general public could give a rip about merit. I couldn’t care less.

      • Vomkrieg

        Yep, UFC is a business first, sport second. From a “sports” perspective, the champ must defend. But from a business perspective, you need to build interest and make it an attraction that people want to spend money on.

        Anyone who actually think the sports aspect is what should be first in UFC’s mind is, frankly, a mark.

        • Adam

          To be honest it’s not just a sports perspective I mean as fans we want the most compelling fights. The champ obv must defend but why not have Holm Tate 2 in a rematch seeing as Holly won all but r2 till the final 90 secs then winner faces Rousey? Makes sense in both sport and business

      • barre

        This article is the biggest crock of sh!t I’ve read in a LONG time . you have pro wrestling, And you have mma. Each one is a huge money maker on its own. This Jack ass thinks the ufc would benefit from being more like wwe. I understand the “logic” behind this garbage but seriously. These are REAL athletes competing in a REAL sport. You can NOT treat them like stars.
        I’m just glad that the people who matter don’t agree with this sh!t

    • Joshua “Nytemare” Pierce

      Clearly you were watching different fight. As one I watched showed Holm catching Rousey off guard with a kick that end it. There was no multiple round shit like Brock vs Hunt where Brock just destroy hunt, but in this case Holm just destroy Rousey. Holm caught her off guard is all. Anyone can beat anyone on any given night, and that just what happen, since then Holm has now lost twice, proving that her win over Rousey was just a fluke and lucky hit. I sure in a rematch if it happen, and there none of that nailing someone off guard, Rousey would mop the floor with her. Just like she has down two times with the current champion.

      • Adam

        Woah what? Holm beat her soundly IMO. Ronda was busted & chasing her around trying to outkickbox a kickboxer in round 1 and the head kick was coming for the whole r2. The only reason the 5 round domination didn’t happen was because Holm finished it

      • Terra Ryzing

        A lucky hit?? She annihilated her. A fluke would be if they went the distance, Rousey left her chin out and Holm connected to knock her out. Holm beat her from pillar to post before it was called. I’m a Rousey fan but she was outclassed pure and simple.

    • Adam

      In an ideal world your scenario would be great but the problem is you can’t hold off these big fights because if the fighters lose, get hurt, get a usada ban like Jones then either the fight never happens or by the time we get there the fight doesn’t mean jack. Ronda’s return will do big business obv but a rematch against an undefeated Holm would’ve been epic. That match happens now and it’s a little tainted by Holly’s losses and the lack of a belt to fight for.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I disagree . She should have to fight anyone who is worthy. If they hide them from good competition it’s not worth watching. There were lots of people complaining about Rousey was just fighting weaker opponents .

    • ron

      Again who do you think she should have fought? She beat all of the top ranked women in her division. Name one in her division that she ducked??

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        I didn’t think my first response posted. So apparently I made two posts.

  • Joe Pelliciari

    hmm you can tell this article was written by a wrestling fan.

    • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

      Well no duh, the site is called Wrestling News World.

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    I disagree . People were already getting sick of Rousey . They were saying she was fighting weaker opponents and wouldn’t fight the ones up to her par.If they are not fighting worthy opponents then they’re just riding it out so they won’t loose and they are not worthy of the title. The title then just becomes a joke.

    • ron

      I have to call you out on this one, WHO did she not fight, she fought all of the top ranked women in her division, Tate, Cat, Beth. If anything there was no one to challenge her and it got stale that way.

      • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

        I’m telling you those were not my remarks but comments under write ups after her fights. People were turning on her

  • Ayat Persian

    The Ideal Thing that would have happened was Holm beats everyone in her path till she was like 15-0 and then tell rousey to come out of her dark hole and fight her as she beat everyone else and now she is the undefeated chick and not her , she challenges rousey to put her career on the line as now that she has no streak , her career means nothing , then you can have the undefeated chick vs the former undefeated champion with her mma career on the line , then we would have seen what could have happened but then it never could happen now
    BUT I still think she should have fought and won , proving that she deservedly was undefeated and the new and better version of rousey , but I agree after losing , putting her on free tv was a bad idea , she should have fought tate in a rematch after losing to her , now rousey , tate and holm all should have rematches and I believe rousey will either be back late this year or early next year , so that division is messed up as every champion lost their title since rousey lost and all need to have rematches , it is all messed up but I agree that they should have done better with this situation though not exactly what richard said , that was just BS , had rousey not had an MMA sabbatical for some time , then it would have made sense , but now it is all messed up , now holm should build up some more wins and fight for her rematch , either that or retire as age is not on her side , but I pity her man , seriously , she as richard said became a one time wonder kid , I blame it more on holm than dana or ufc as holm accepted that free tv match , she could have easily said no , just a thought