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My 2015 WWE Predictions

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2014 is almost over and it certainly ended with a bang on this week’s edition of Raw. While 2014 has been a mixed year of up and down moments for the WWE superstars and Universe, I believe 2015 is going to be a much bigger and better year for WWE, providing us with some unforgettable moments and memories to last a lifetime. 2014 got off on the wrong foot with Daniel Bryan seemingly being pushed out of the main event scene in favour of Batista, only for CM Punk to walk out and Bryan to be thrust back into the spotlight and finally realise his dream of becoming WWE World Heavyweight Champion. We saw the eventual demise of The Shield, and saw all three members go on to become huge stars in their own rights, and we saw the most shocking moment of all when The Undertaker’s undefeated Wrestlemania streak was ended by Brock Lesnar. In this article I am going to give my predictions on four moments that I expect will happen before the year 2015 is out that will make it a year to remember.

Sting will wrestle in a WWE ring

Granted that while this is almost a dead certainty now with the return of the Authority I can safely say this will be one of the first things we see happen in 2015. Whether he faces Tripe H or Undertaker at Wrestlemania remains to be seen but I would prefer it to be Undertaker personally as it’s the dream match fans have wanted for years. Triple H would be a good Royal Rumble opponent for Sting to help guide him through the WWE style which he has never wrestled before while Undertaker and Sting can comfortably have a match without the pressure of the streak being on the line and as much hype to it as expected. Fans have been clamouring to see Sting wrestle in WWE for years and while he is one of the few names to make a success of himself without WWE, it is only fitting to see him end his career on the biggest stage of all. Whether or not the match lives up to the expected hype or not remains to be seen but to just see the Stinger in action is more than enough for me and I am confident even if he only has one match which appears like it may well be against Triple H, I will take that and enjoy it for what it is; a true moment in WWE, and Sports Entertainment history.

Daniel Bryan will win the Royal Rumble and win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

So I have been harping on most of the year about how it's going to be Roman Reigns year in 2015 and how he's going to get to the top of the card, become the winner of the Royal Rumble, and go on to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, and I would stand behind that all the way until after I saw Raw this week when Daniel Bryan announced he would return to WWE as an entrant in the Royal Rumble. Remember the bone Bryan got getting injured in 2014 after winning the belt in the first place? Well this seems like his chance at redemption and what better way than to have a legitimate wrestler be the one to beat Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania for the title. Heck if you want super heat after the match, throw in Seth Rollins, then have him cash in his Money in the Bank contract on Bryan at Wrestlemania. To have Bryan be the one to beat Brock would be an amazing moment and would really give Bryan that second chance to continue his momentum that was lost following his injury. If there is anyone in WWE who deserves a run at the top it’s Bryan, and I hope that his return hasn’t come too soon and he can have the year he should have had this year on top of WWE for years to come.

Kevin Owens will win a championship on the main roster before the end of the year

There are lots of talented names on the NXT roster who could be called up like Sami Zayn, Adrian Neville, Tyler Breeze, or Finn Balor, but I believe Kevin Owens can make the biggest impact of all those names and is worthy enough of taking a title within his first year. And I'm not talking about a simple NXT title run, I mean he's going to win a title on the main roster. Granted it probably won't be the WWE World Heavyweight Championship (I'm drooling at the thought of Owens vs. Bryan in 2015 if that were possible) but why not put the United States or Intercontinental title on him at this early stage in his career? He's a proven quality wrestler who can more than carry himself and a title without it affecting him. Let’s not forget WWE made Santino Marella the Intercontinental Champion on his debut in WWE. Owens has a wealth of experience from the independent circuit that will serve him well in WWE, and his work in NXT so far will have been brought to the attention of the higher ups in WWE management to consider giving him a shot when his eventual call up comes.

Steve Austin will announce his return for one more match

This is possibly a bit of a long shot but it is a rumour that has been on the cards for some time. While the match itself would most likely take place at Wrestlemania 32, there is no reason why WWE could do something similar to what they did with Rock and John Cena, and give the match a solid build up over several months. The obvious opponent at one point for Austin would have been CM Punk. However we all realise there’s no chance of us ever seeing that match take place in a WWE ring. So who could be potential opponents for Austin? It needs to be someone who would benefit from the rub of defeating Austin in a final match and while Hulk Hogan has been lobbying for the match there’s no way I see that benefiting anyone. I would be interested to see Bray Wyatt get the opportunity to face the Texas Rattlesnake, as he is one of WWE’s rarest and brightest talents who could really do some great work with Austin. Dolph Ziggler, working as a heel of course would be a good option too although I think he just recently received his big moment at Survivor Series 2014 by being the sole survivor in the match against the Authority, so he is an outside chance. My final name I would put forward is Bad News Barrett. He has all the skill and charisma to become similar to Stone Cold in that he can have a bad ass character but still be over with the fans. The reception he received on Monday at Raw tells you just how much the fans think of him and provided he can stay injury free I think he could give Austin a good all out brawl of a wrestling match.

Those are my thoughts for 2015. How many of them will happen remains to be seen but I have at least a 25% chance of being right with at least the Sting pick. If all four happen then I think we are definitely in for a year to remember in WWE. Do you agree with my thoughts? What predictions do you have for WWE in 2015? Please leave your feedback in the comments section below and let’s see how many of these predictions from us all come true this time next year.

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