The 8 Biggest Bumps At WrestleMania


Going into WrestleMania there was a lot of people complaining about many of the matches on the card. One such match was the 8 Person Mixed Tag Match between Tons of Funk and the Dactyls against Team Rhodes Scholars and the Bellas Twins. Like many fluffy matches, it took a lot of abuse from the ICW. Most people complained that Rhodes and Sandow were being treated terribly for having to face Funkasaurus and Sweet T. Others complained that Funkasaurus and Sweet T didn't deserve to be working WrestleMania. And the last major complaint I heard was that Naomi and Cameron should be in the ring against someone better than the Bellas – especially Naomi. I will agree on two of these three reasons, but what got me was how upset the WNW readers became in the Live Blog when it became obvious that this match wasn't going to happen.

After Taker defeated Punk, many in the LB became upset that this 8 Person Match would be following such a fantastic match, but then they went right into No Holds Barred. Then when Trip defeated Brock, most everyone was ranting that the 8 Person Match was so terribly late on the card. But then Cena's music hit and the readers became ravenous that the 8 Person Match had been bumped. The ranting in the LB reached new heights over this bumped match.

While I could say that the fans were being fickle, I had to agree that bumping this match truly pissed me off. I know that 'the card is always subject to change' but when I heard that they were 17 minutes behind when Diddy played, I wanted to know who screwed up and how. This is WrestleMania, and at this point it should run like clockwork. Almost 30 years into this event and someone screwed up so badly that eight Superstars didn't get their WrestleMania show bonus because there wasn't time for their scheduled match. Further, the WWE 'Universe' needs a break between so many big main events. Both fans at home and the fans at the even need a bit of a breather after two huge matches, but they didn't get it, and the reactions of the live fans suffered because of it. You might not like Tons of Funk, or Sandow and Rhodes, or even the Divas, but we all can appreciate what a match like that can do on a stacked card, and without it the fans can get even more ugly, or very quiet due to missing this match.

Further, this was the only match with Divas involved as more than eye candy ringside (AJ). So the Divas were completely screwed out of working WrestleMania this year. I could go on to complain about Cesaro and Kaitlyn not defending their titles, but I've gone there already. What I can say is that not only were the fans screwed out of the fun and relaxation of this type of match placed at the perfect time, but these eight Superstars won't get their WrestleMania show bonus. They showed up expecting to be working the match, but because someone screwed up on the timing and it didn't happen. The thing is that there was more than enough time for them to have their match, but that time was stacked with recap videos. When you buy a PPV you know what the matches on the card are, and why you're spending the money. To play those long videos, rather than letting your Superstars perform, is a travesty! I say this about every Monday Night RAW, and Thursday Night Impact, but on a PPV – especially WrestleMania – is taking the abuse of time to a whole new level.

Honestly, I was so upset about the loss of this match, the loss of the Superstar PPV bonuses, the loss of their WrestleMania moments, the loss of the breather we all needed between big matches, and all of those recap videos that I just couldn't go sleep without saying something. I really think the WWE dropped many balls at WrestleMania this year, but this is the one sticking in my craw so badly that I couldn't go to bed without writing it out. I'm sure they will show the match on RAW, but it's not enough to give these Superstars the WrestleMania bonus and money they missed in New Jersey. How do you feel about the WWE bumping the 8 Person Tag Match from the WrestleMania card?

Queen of WNW

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