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Interview - Zach Gowen

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Just recently I was lucky enough to meet Zach Gowen at a local wrestling show. He was sweet, endearing, and wonderfully open. He told me that he was putting out a documentary of his life, Finding Zach Gowen: The Life Story of Wrestling's First One-Legged Superstar He is trying to get the word out about what he's gone through in his life, and in wrestling. Jamie Welton recently enjoyed the documentary, and Jamie helped me with the questions to ask Gowen in this interview.

WWENews - You talked about wrestling being like an escape after you lost your leg. What was it that stood out to you about wrestling?

Gowen- I have no idea. I was mesmerized by the magic of pro wrestling from a very young age. At one point, my mom banned it from our house because I repeatedly destroyed furniture by doing Macho Man elbow drops on everything I could. So the only wrestling I could watch was the my secret VHS tape.....from the WWF board game. I wore that thing out!

W - Who were some of your heros growing up? Wrestling and otherwise.

G- The Ultimate Warrior is the one that stands out the most. And Isiah Thomas.

W - During your WWE run did you ever feel uncomfortable about some of the things you had to do?

G-Not at the time but if they were to ask me to do the exact same angle now, I wouldn't be comfortable with some of the stuff.

W - What would you do differently with your run in WWE if you could do it all again?

G-I would have it later in my career.

W - What was your favorite match of all time? Yours, and ever.

G-My favorite match I've had with Jimmy Jacobs in like 2005 or 2006 at XICW in Detroit. Jimmy believed in me when nobody else did, not even myself. My favorite match of all time would be Lex Luger vs Ric Flair Great American Bash '88 from the Baltimore Arena or Royal Rumble '92 from the Knickerbocker Arena. I made my WWE debut at the Baltimore Arena and a few months later wrestled at the Knickerbocker arena. Surreal for me.

W - Who is your dream opponent?


W - Who is your dream tag partner?

G-Gregory Iron

W - Who was your favorite opponent?

G-Jimmy Jacobs

W - What was your favorite venue to work? Why?

G-Koruken Hall is awesome. Madison Square Garden was amazing on historical value alone.

W - What’s the funniest thing anyone's ever chanted at you?

G-Good question. I know I've completely cracked up a few times at some of the chants, they aren't coming to me right now. I love it when fans get creative and their passion shines through.

W - What’s the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you?

G-When anybody takes any time out of their day to recognize my work and show appreciation for what I do, I'm completely humbled. I think about what it would take for me to come up to someone and show love like that (even just a simple "great job, thanks for what you do") and it blows my mind that I can have any sort of affect on someone. It's amazing.

W - What was the meanest?

G-Nobody has ever said anything mean about me to my face.

W - During your battles with your addictions did you ever worry about what you were doing to yourself?

G-No. Once I crossed the threshold from want to need, everything went out the window. My only concern was I didn't want my mom to bury me, that played heavily through my mind a lot.

W - Who were your biggest influences in wrestling?

G-Sabu, RVD, Rey Mysterio, and The Hardy Boys

W - How would you like the legacy of Zack Gowen to be remembered?

G-I really don't have an opinion on that! I'm honored and humbled to be blessed enough to do some amazing things in my life. I truly believe my the sole reason for my existence is to be of maximum service to God and to the people around me. That's the ideal I shoot for on a daily basis.

W - Do you have any regrets about things you have or haven't achieved in your career?

G-None. Wrestling has done more for me than anyone will ever know or comprehend.

W - What's it like when you wrestle for a company such as JCW or any other independent promotion?

G-I love having that control over my wrestling career. Picking and choosing my booking dates. Wrestling how I want to. Not having a boss breathing down my neck. The downside is the pay isn't as good as it would be in WWE.

W - Do you find guys pull to you for advice given the career you've had?

G-Yes and that's sort of a new phenomenon for me. I was always "kid", now I'm "sir" haha

W - Did you ever lose your love for wrestling when you were dealing with your addiction?

G-I lost my love for everything in my addiction.

W - What was training typically like at Truth Martini's House of Truth?

G-It's ran like an educational school with structure. It's the best place to learn.

W - Was it your idea to do the Finding Zach Gowen DVD? And what did you want it to achieve?

G-I make a living by telling my story. I do it through various platforms: speaking, wrestling, FZG DVD, etc. I'm always looking for new platforms to perform on!

W - What do you want your fans, and wrestling fans in general, to take away from your DVD?

G-I hope they become inspired to help others.

W - How has becoming a father changed you and your outlook on life?

G-It's lit a fire under my ass. I want to be everything to my son that I never had.

W - Do you think wrestling will ever become a drug free environment?


W - What advice would you give to someone backstage dealing with drug and alcohol issues?

G-Reach out for help, there's a whole universe out here waiting and wanting to help.

W - What does the future hold for Zach Gowen in the ring?

G-No idea, I just take it one day at a time and try to improve every time I'm blessed enough to get the opportunity to step foot in the ring....(no pun intended)

W - What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

G-Americone Dream!

I cannot thank Zach Gowen enough for taking the time to answer our questions, and for being so forthcoming to the fans, especially at an event where not all of the superstars seemed to care about the fans in attendance who wanted to meet him. What an absolute joy, and I hope I get to see him again quite soon.

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KB & Jamie

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