A Sit Down With The Cold One AC


Recently I had the opportunity to interview a man who is part of a faction in Gold Rush Pro Wrestling out of Pacifica, California, a faction known as the Creepy Show Carnival, a man known as The Cold One AC. We touch on all kinds of subjects in this interview from AC's introduction to wrestling, Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, his experiences outside of wrestling, his podcast, and the Creepy Show Carnival's current feud with the Resident Cowboys in Gold Rush. We cover a lot of ground in this interview and we both hope you enjoy reading it and learn a little more about this man on the West Coast wrestling scene.


For those who may not be familiar with you can you tell our readers a little about your character?

I am the ALWAYS Dapper and Debonair Cold One AC and am the ringmaster/carny barker for the Creepy Show Carnival! You will listen to every word I speak as I am usually the loudest person in the room!

You are often referred to as ‘always dapper and debonair’. How did this phrase come about and how exactly does it make you unique from other managers in wrestling?

If you don't know the definitions of "Dapper" or "Debonair" look them up on Google and educate yourself. I am always the best dressed and am the only person in professional wrestling with an award winning mustache, and now have a beard to match! I compete at different facial hair competitions and everyone there is dressed very upscale and are very dapper and debonair. I draw a lot of aspects of the visuals from those competitions into my character. Not too many people out there that can rock a top hat, bow tie, and suspenders and make it look so damn good like I do. Just saying.

What was your first experience of wrestling?

It is really hard to pinpoint my very first experience with wrestling, as it has been a part of my life for so long. My mom always would watch WWF on Saturdays and I would watch it with her, and I believe that is how I had my first experience and began this journey. She would always be looking forward to seeing The Rockers, as she had a crush on Marty Jannetty of all people. She always said she liked his feathered hair and "tight butt." I was so glad when he went through that barber shop window. Haha.


Can you tell me about your first experience of entertainment, either inside or outside of wrestling?

Well, growing up in Oregon, I grew up in a household with my parents and three other siblings, all living off of just the one $12 per hour income that my dad was bringing in. Thinking about that is just crazy. Needless to say we didn't get to go out to any big events growing up. Plus, at that time WWE wasn't stopping in Oregon for any shows anyways. It wasn't until I made to move to the San Francisco Bay Area that I was even able to go to my first concert. I remember it very well. It was me and one of my best friends Mike. We went to the Maritime Hall in San Francisco for a Psychopathic Records super show. Seriously you wont see a line-up like this anymore unless you actually go to the Gathering. It was Blaze Ya Dead Homie with ABK as his hype man opening the show, followed by Twiztid, ICP, and then the main event of Dark Lotus. What a concert to have as my first concert. I was officially baptised in Faygo that night. I've been to many concerts since then by many different artists and from different genres and I have never gotten anywhere near the same experience. Even if you're not an ICP fan, I suggest going to one of their shows simply to be able to take in the spectacle that those shows really are. Got to have respect for the entertainers they are, and how into the show their fans get. All performers should strive to get interaction from their fans/audience like ICP gets from their fans.

What do you think about FBI labelling Juggalos as a gang?

Honestly, at first when I heard about it I thought it was a joke. It is just one of those things where I just scratch my head. It is just really dumb. I mean, if you're going after people based off of what music they like to listen to and relate to, why then are you not going after all the Beliebers and One Directioners as well? Haha.

Who were your inspirations (both in and out of the ring) growing up?

I pull inspiration from many different people and for different reasons, however my main inspiration growing up has always been my uncle Erik. Here is the backstory. He isn't actually my uncle. My mom got pregnant with me at 15 years of age and he was one of my mom's best friends. When my mom was giving birth to me, while my father was not at the hospital, Erik was. He was around so much that when I finally arrived into this world the doctors actually thought he was the father. My first word I ever spoke was his name even. As high school comes and goes for all of us, it is fair to say most friendships go away over time. His friendship with my mom never deteriorated, and from that my friendship with him continued to grow. He has been the only constant in my life still to this day since my birth. He has taught me many life lessons, and I continue to strive every day to live up to being like him.

Inside the ring, growing up I was a fan of Macho Man, Mr Perfect, and Rick Rude in my early years. It's a weird mix, but they were always so captivating to me. I was always trying to be like them, whether it be trying to cut promos filled with the madness of the Macho Man, slapping my chewed up gum that I just spit out with perfection, or doing that gyrating hip thrusting motion that Rick Rude did towards all the ladies. That one actually used to get me into trouble. Looking back on it now, it probably isn't the best thing for a 5-year-old to be doing. Haha.

What made you first realize you wanted to get into the world of wrestling as a job? And what made you decide to become a manager?

Wrestling was always a dream. It was something I idolized while watching as a child. Never in my mind did I ever really think I would be a part of the show. Growing up in Oregon I didn't have the slightest clue about what it took to be in the business and that there were many levels to it. I always thought that there was just the main promotions of WWE and WCW. It wasn't until I moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area after graduating high school and being invited by a man I met at my job at the time that also happened to be a pro wrestling manager in the scene named Buddy Sotello to attend an All Pro Wrestling show that I started to see how it all worked. It was a very eye opening experience, but I didn't act on it at the time being. To be honest, I didn't try to grab at my many dreams and aspirations until my parents passed away. From their passing, I got this urge to make them proud, and I found it more important than ever to try and be a role model to my many younger siblings and reach for my dreams and aspirations. As far as why I chose to became a manager, I have always been drawn to them. Whether it be the ones from my childhood on my T.V. like "The Mouth Of The South" Jimmy Hartand Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, to local west coast based managers like "The Pink Mink of Professional Wrestling" Markus Mac and "The Greatest Mind In Professional Wrestling" Mathew Theall, they are all so entertaining to me for different reasons, and they have always added an extra great element to each show they are on.

Did you ever want to compete in the ring? Or are there any aspirations of this in the future?

I have thought about it over the years, but honestly I will leave the extreme physicality to my associates.

What has been your favorite moment of your career so far and why?

It is hard to pinpoint a favorite moment, as I feel I have had many great personal moments, most of which are behind the scenes. I have worked with a lot of great people over the past few years and developing friendships with them are something I hold closely. Also it is the little things that make me happy like kids hating my character so much that they try to physically attack me at ringside (whether it be punching me as I walk by or like at the last show at Gold Rush when a kid poked my contact out of my eye) or pelt me with their candy and soda. I must be doing something right if kids would rather throw their candies at me, as I know when I was a kid I would make sure I ate every candy I ever got! Hahaha. However, in all honesty, I feel that my ultimate favorite career moments are still ahead for me!

Which wrestling promotions do you tend to watch or follow?

I try to watch and follow as much wrestling as I can, from the mainstream WWE, to up and coming promotions like HOODSLAM, and whatever else people post up on their social media accounts that I may come across.

Would you ever like to work for WWE? And in what capacity?

I am always open to expanding my horizons and working for the WWE would always be an option worth pursuing if the opportunity ever presented itself.


You recently worked a live show for Gold Rush Pro Wrestling out of Pacifica, California. What was the experience of the show being streamed on the internet like? And did everyone feel more pressure knowing the event would be available worldwide?

To be honest, I had no clue they were streaming the show until when the show started. I thought they were just recording the show for future broadcast which is what they were doing at their previous shows, so it was really cool to find out it was being streamed live. However there wasn't much time between me finding out about the live streaming to me going out there and performing for the live crowd to feel any more pressure.

If there is still something in your wrestling career you want to achieve what would it be and why?

There is still a lot of stuff that I want to do and achieve in this career of mine. I feel that it is really just now picking up steam! I constantly want to expand my horizons and work at different promotions! I want to spread the name of The Cold One AC all over the place! One of my current goals is that I want to perform in Oregon so my family and friends I grew up with, and most importantly my grandma can see me perform!

What would be your best advice to anyone who is looking to break into the wrestling business?

While I came into this business in a much different way than most, I would say the best way to break into the business is to research and find a great wrestling school, like the APW Boot Camp here in the San Francisco Bay area, and sign up and become a sponge for the business. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time and dedication, and a great school like the Boot Camp will teach you all the building blocks on how to be successful!

You are also the Ringmaster in Gold Rush Pro Wrestling of a group known as the Creepy Show Carnival. What was it that first drew you to being involved with this group? And where do you see the group headed in the future?

Doc Atrocity, the leader and mastermind behind the Carnival (and NorCal Hall of Famer), brought me into the big top! He saw what I could bring to the table, whether it be my ability to force feed the audience our brand or carny goodness of wondrous delights and freakish frights, or the ability to provide a well placed distraction so that we can beat our brand of wholesome goodness into our opponents! What ever the reason for him bringing me into the fold, I am glad he did as I am having the time of my life frightening all the kids! The fun part of being a part of the Creepy Show Carnival is that you never know when we will show up or in what capacity. We live for the unexpected, and the sky is the limit for us!

Right now the Creepy Show Carnival is involved in a ‘Best of Five To Stay Alive’ series of matches with another tag team called the Resident Cowboys. For those who don’t know, what led up to this match?

Ah, the Resident Cowboys. While they are great competitors, they make it very easy to manipulate their heart strings. Kidnap one little cowgirl and the community goes crazy! They want their cowgirl back, and we just want Lucky's pot O' gold! Hahahaha

And what happens if you win the match? What are your plans for the Cowboys Lucky Pot of Gold?

What do you mean "if we win the match"? As for what we will do with the pot of gold, the easy answer is whatever we want. At the moment we are just having a ball torturing Matt Carlos and Dalton Frost, the Resident Cowboys!

Have you ever considered that you might lose the series and have to return Cow Girl Ru back to the Resident Cowboys? What happens to the Creepy Show Carnival if you end up losing?

That won't happen so we don't let those tainted thoughts consume us!

What are some of the best things about working in the independent wrestling business?

Meeting and befriending people from all backgrounds and different walks of life, and having a mutual respect for one another is one of the best things. Also, teaming with all these great people and putting on great shows to entertain people and help them escape reality a few hours at a time! Doesn't get much better than that!

You have a podcast called "A Cold One w/The Cold One" that you produce on a weekly basis. Can you tell our readers a little bit about the show, what you do, your inspiration for it, and your vision of what it could become?

It is a traveling beer drinking podcast! It is always me and a different friend at a different location for each episode and we just chat it up about whatever comes to mind, as well as describing the location that we are drinking at and whatever we are consuming. I try to drink something different each episode as well to give a critique. Sometimes I really don't like what I randomly choose, however sometimes it is really tasty! Each episode lasts as long as the drink we are drinking so generally around 5-15 minutes max. The show is a lot of fun to do as it makes me have a social life! Haha. Just like my pro wrestling career, I only see it continuing to grow! It recently passed the mark of having 26 thousand subscribers, which is really great! Crazy to think that so many people want to hear my voice and stories. Very humbling.

What does the future hold for The Cold One AC?

The best part about the future is that you never truly know what is going to happen. I'm just going to continue loving life and living it one day at a time and continuing to push forward and hopefully I get to continue entertaining the masses for many years to come!

Do you have any upcoming shows, appearances, social media pages, etc you would like to plug so people can get more of you in their daily routine?

The easiest way to stream my podcast as well as find links to all my social media pages and merch store is by going to my website http://www.TheColdOneAC.com as it has direct links to my Facebook page, as well as my Twitter and Instagram accounts (@TheColdOneAC)! It also has direct link to iTunes to download all my episodes.

My next show I am working is August 1st for Gold Rush Pro Wrestling, and once again that show will be streamed live for the world to see! I hope all your readers will check that out as I truly believe Northern California to be a major hot spot for professional wrestling and Gold Rush Pro Wrestling highlights the best of the best! Make sure to give their Facebook page a like to be on top of getting the live stream link August 1st when we go live for the world to see!

And if there are any promoters reading this how can they get you booked on their show?

Easiest way to get in contact with me is to email me at TheColdOneAC@gmail.com or through my social media pages! Everyone should have a little bit of Dapper and Debonair in their life!


Final question. What do you think the legacy of The Cold One AC will be on the wrestling industry and how would you like people to remember you?

For the fans, I want to be remembered as someone that always entertained them, whether that be by pissing them off so bad that they wanted to see the end of me, or making them elated and happy. Behind the scenes, I want to be remembered as someone who left a positive mark on the business. I want to be remembered as someone that was always willing to help build up those around me, whether it be the company I am working for, or the individuals that I am working with. In all honesty, I want to know that when it is all over that I set a good example for my siblings and anyone else looking for inspiration to follow their dreams no matter what they are or how out of reach they may seem. You never know if you never try. #StayDapper

It’s been a pleasure interviewing you AC. Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to talk to me today.

The pleasure is all yours! Hahaha. Just kidding. Thanks for having me. I hope you all give me a like and a follow on all the social media pages and also tune into Gold Rush Pro Wrestling's next show August 1st streaming line on their youtube channel!

The Gold Rush Pro Wrestling YouTube channel is your hook up if you want to check out the upcoming and future shows by the company and see more of not only The Cold One AC, but names such as Jeff Cobb, JR Kratos, Timothy Thatcher, Dylan Drake, Willie Mack, and so many more hugely talented names that I have missed off. You also get excellent quality streaming and great commentary to boot from John 'Cheeseburger' Roberts, and my boy KG Kevin Gill. Gold Rush will be holding their next live streaming event on Saturday 1st August, and is called the King of the Gold Mine so make sure you check out their Facebook and Youtube pages for more information on that!

Please leave your thoughts or comments in the comments section below. Don't forget to hit up AC on Facebook and Twitter to let him know what you thought of this interview, and you can also follow me on Twitter if that's your scene by following @jamie_welton, or please give my brand new Facebook page a like for all my latest blogs and thoughts on the world of WWE and Wrestling.

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