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A Sting In The Tail For The Authority Is Best For Business

There is an old fable about a Scorpion used to illustrate that no change can be made in the behaviour of the fundamentally vicious. What WWE needs is a change in the behaviour of the fundamentally egotistical and power hungry and it is the master of the Scorpion Deathlock who should be the man to enforce the change.

Sting WWE

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have recently been elected to the WWE board of directors and it is hard to imagine that they have too many of their ideas challenged. Despite Paul Levesque’s protests that Vince McMahon still calls all the shots, I find it hard to believe that a man who has damaged so many careers to keep promoting his own does not have a large proportion of control.

Despite not having wrestled in a PPV since Payback last year Triple H gets as much Raw on-screen time as any of the current roster and more than most. I was delighted when Steve Austin challenged him on his pod-cast over the usual opening segments which, as “Stone Cold” pointed out, can drag on for far too long. Coincidentally these opening segments usually feature Triple H and Stephanie and the casual observer could be forgiven for thinking that the Raw theme tune was “King of Kings” as it is heard at the opening of the show so often.

There was recent controversy, and justifiably so, over the disgraceful treatment of the WWE Divas on Raw. But there are plenty of other superstars who are sent to the ring for matches that are over in the blink of an eye, off the top of my head Ryback vs Curtis Axel last week being a prime example. I'm not saying that every encounter on Raw should be an Iron Man match, but these pointless one or two minute matches are completely unnecessary when we can afford Triple H to be featured in 20% of the show. Surely we can cut out one or two of his segments and use the time for some actual wrestling, maybe develop a new character, perhaps introduce an exciting new feud?

It isn't just Triple H that needs to be moved out of the spotlight, it is the whole “Authority” angle which isn't just a bit tired, it is completely exhausted. During the “Attitude Era” Vince McMahon vs Steve Austin was probably the greatest angle of all time and certainly remains my favourite. The idea of the company vs the superstar was fresh, unpredictable, funny, brutal and always entertaining. Both men were highly charismatic and created must-see television every week by also elevating other stars, such as The Rock and Mankind (who can forget the début of “Mr Socko”!?)

The trouble is that all this was happening so long ago some people reading this wouldn't have even been born yet, it’s time to move on and find a different direction. I really don’t want to see another tag team match involving a combination of Rollins, Big Show, Kane, Ziggler, Ryback, Cena and the former members of the Wyatt Family. It isn't doing anything for anyone and having already detracted from the impact of Sting’s dramatic first WWE appearance the same mistake cannot be made twice. That entrance at Survivor Series, “The Icon” finally appearing at a WWE event after 30 years in the business and ending the reign of The Authority was a moment befitting his status in the industry. But this is modern-day WWE so of course they had to be reinstated in a quick fashion and as a result completely buried that epic moment.

Seth Rollins has benefited from his position in The Authority but has now outgrown them and the already hinted at Paul Heyman move seems like a good fit as his progression continues. Elsewhere it is hard to see where things are going and unless things change there will be more casualties. The “Authority” story even managed to bury the once prestigious Intercontinental title, Luke Harper’s moment as a monster heel and Ziggler’s hero status after a brave performance at Survivor Series both abruptly ended before handing back to Bad News Barrett (who now just loses every week in non-title matches which as you can imagine is doing wonders for his profile).

Sting’s in-ring ability was deteriorating towards the end in WCW and hasn't got any better during his stint in TNA, which is exactly what you would expect from a man in his 50s. What sort of match he will have with “The Cerebral Assassin”remains to be seenbut Triple H always delivers on the big stage and even if he hasn't wrestled in over a year Sting has the experience to pace the match in a way to defy his 55 years. I'm confident they have the in-ring intelligence to put on one of the best matches of the night and Sting needs to win at WrestleMania and end The Authority angle for good.

More often than not “The Game” has always tended put himself first as CM Punk, Chris Jericho and plenty of others will testify, but if he is a true business man he will move out of the spotlight after this encounter. Otherwise you have to question really why Sting has been brought in and where he goes from here. It would certainly not promote him suitably for the “Legends” match once just a fantasy but now could now one day be reality, the stalwart of WCW vs the stalwart of WWE “The Phenom” the prospect of which has wrestling fans salivating.

More importantly, Raw needs to end it’s life as the “McMahon/Levesque show” and instead become the Reigns/Rollins/Wyatt/Ambrose/Bryan/Rusev (and Divas) show. Give these superstars the chance to build their own story lines without the interference of people who now need to be spending their time in the boardroom they have been elected to.

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