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AJ Styles In Maine, It's All Good

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Last weekend I went to a local wrestling show to see AJ Styles, but what I found was something so much more exciting than I ever expected. I know when I go to a local wrestling show that if Cousin Larry, Sonny Roselli, and Roadblock are involved, it's going to be a fantastic night, but Main Event Wrestling took it to a whole new level. I was lucky enough not just to meet AJ Styles, who was a true class act, but also to experience some great young talent who have great futures in store for them.

Starting the show was 'All Good' Anthony Greene who went over Foxx Vinyer. Both of these guys are fantastic wrestlers who gave everything to the crowd. Vinyer is a crazy man with crazy eyes and crazy hair, but was professional and endearing when face to face. I can't wait to see Vinyer again, because he is great in the ring, and fantastic fun (plus I need to buy a shirt). Anthony Green looks like a young Wil Wheaton, and is still rather green, but it's obvious he has worked hard to get where he is, has the basics down, and he moves in the ring like he belongs there. A couple other wrestlers at the show, and not all on the card, told me that Greene is going to be something big, and he's one to watch. I absolutely agree.

I was thrilled to see my friend Roadblock in a match that wasn't on scaffolding all the way to the ceiling when he and his partner, Ace Romero, as the Leatherheads were in a fatal 4 way match with The Knuckle Busters, The Minute Men, and the Badgers. All four teams were really solid in the ring, with their own distinct personalities and styles. It was a blast to get into a sneering and hand motion contest with Roadblock while he was in the ring before the match, because talking to him on a social level and seeing him in character are two very different things, and that is something too many wrestlers seem unable to separate. I also have to give huge props to The Knuckle Busters for this match. I've seen them before, but they really seem to have melded into a solid team, and sold every moment they were in front of the fans. After the show when they were meeting with fans, both were professional and kind, but sold their characters in pictures with the fans.

Before the main event, I have to mention two others who really stood out to me. Chris Envy hit the ring and sold himself like few indy wrestlers I've ever seen. With 'Google Me!' across the bum of his trunks, he came out looking a bit like X-Pac, but sold heel charisma so naturally that I was nervous approaching him during intermission. As with all the wrestlers I met that night, he was professional, and very personable. He was a lot of fun to talk to, and so driven to get his name out there. And then there's Lizzie Raze. She drew me in with her pink hair and her glowing smile, but it was her height (6'2' in socks) and her warmth that won me over. That she wore a spiked bra top and short shorts without batting an eye also impressed me. She was the only female on the card, as she was Mark Moment's valet, and she didn't seem at all uncomfortable being the only female there. She was truly lovely when I met her, but then all heel when she was ringside. The transformation was inspired.

I was lucky enough to meet AJ during the intermission, and have to admit that I was decked out in my t-shirt and hat, so there was no way he was going to miss me. He was just lovely one on one, but when he got in the ring with Mark Moment, he became even more alive. I have seen AJ in the ring previously, back a few years ago when TNA came to Maine for a house show, but AJ seemed to put so much more into this show. Yes, he was the draw, and he made sure all the fans felt they got their money worth. He put everything he had working the ring against Mark Moment and Lizzie Raze, and they all looked great out there. After the match, AJ got on the mic and put over indy wrestling in general, and MEW specifically, as well as all wrestling fans. He was passionate on mic, and even worked a little bit against the young announcer, Cole Williams. Not bad for a high school student!

Every wrestler in the show gave their all. All their passion, all their intensity, and all they have physically. We always talk about the WWE, what is great and what is horrible. We talk about the solid work and the horrible messes made in TNA. But it's these guys who are out there each weekend giving their all at a small local shows, whether a forty year veteran of the WWE, an eleven year veteran of TNA, a local guy who gives all their heart, or a new kid just starting out, who set the basis for all professional wrestling. If not for these shows, where would the young wrestlers get their chance? If not for these shows, many of us wouldn't get to meet those we have watched and loved for so many years on TV. These little indy shows bring us closer to the ring and those inside of it, and that's great for all involved.

My plans are to bring some of these wrestlers closer to you through coming podcasts and interviews. While they may not be the top guys in the WWE, these are wrestlers who travel far, give everything to their paying fans, and do so mostly for the love of the industry, because the pay really isn't great. These men and women give so much to the fans that I think it would be great to hear their stories, understand their side of all they do in and around the ring for the fans who will go to great lengths to see them.

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