An Interview With Cy Gregory


I recently had the opportunity to score an interview with a great talent in the world of wrestling. A man who trained under Lance Storm at the Storm Wrestling Academy and is now taking over the British wrestling scene and soon hopefully will be making a name for himself all around the world. This is my interview with Cy Gregory.

For those who may not be familiar with you can you tell our readers a little about your character?

My character is a fairy arrogant and entitled big guy. For years I tried wrestling a more technical "smaller guy" style until a promoter said to me "do you not realise how big you are?" After that I embraced that style.

What was your first experience of wrestling?

Watching Billy Gunn jump up and Fame-Asser Bubba Ray Dudley through a table. The athleticism that took was incredible, following week I was channel surfing saw the replay and decided to follow the story.

Who were your inspirations (both in and out of the ring) growing up?

Inside the ring at the age of 9-10 was The Rock, no doubt. And outside of the ring was my good friend Gary who was like a father to me. He bought all of the video tapes for me, the PlayStation games and took me to my very first show. I owe him way more than he realises.

What made you first realize you wanted to get into the world of wrestling as a job?

First show I went to at 10 years old, I got in the ring for a photo with Marty Jannetty, climbing in the ring I just knew. It took me about 5 years after that to actually find somewhere to start!

What has been your favourite moment of your career so far and why?

There's been a couple, but I'll say working with El Ligero for the NGW title in 2013, it was a brand new venue at the time, sold out, and I got to work with him in the main event. In that match I felt like I'd arrived and knew I could actually do this at a top level.

Which wrestling promotions do you tend to watch or follow?

WWE, don't we all? And I keep up with as much British stuff as possible which is relatively easy on Facebook as it is booming right now!

What would be your best advice to anyone who is looking to break into the wrestling business?

Get a good trainer and get all of your bases covered. Build a great foundation. Everyone wants to run before they can walk.

What are some of the best things about working in the independent wrestling business?

The atmosphere backstage, there are some guys you get on with and some you don't but you can look around and know that everyone is hungry, everyone is competitive and everyone wants more. It's great.

What hobbies do you have outside of wrestling?

I'm a gym rat, I love strength training. If I'm not doing that I'm studying old matches.


You were trained at the Storm Wrestling Academy by Lance Storm. What was that experience like?

Amazing, I learned so much and I miss it now. Every now and again I hear Lance in my head during a match, he's like Yoda. He's just that good.

Why did you choose Lance's school over any other?

I'd been to a couple of schools in England and most of them were great, I just felt like I needed to go away and be focused on nothing but getting better and there is no where better than the Storm Academy so off I went. Best investment I could have made.

What companies do you regularly work for?

LCW, DOA, SMW in Milton Keynes, I've worked with NGW a few times and done a little bit with All Star. I'm hoping to do more with them and make HOPE a permanent gig too. I'm also working with an academy in Northampton. They're currently running training shows for smaller audiences but when they branch out I think its going to be very good.


What are your thoughts on the current state of British Wrestling?

It's brilliant. It's just getting bigger and better, I feel like I'm in at the right time. I'm privileged to be a part of something like this.

Who are some of your favourite opponents to work against?

Stixx. I learned so much watching him and talking with him that getting to work with him at NGW was awesome. Also El Ligero and Bagheera.

Where is your favourite place to perform and why?

I can't say I have a favourite to be honest. I love doing this job anywhere.

What does the future hold for Cy Gregory?

A lot more hopefully. I think this year people have got to see a bit more of me and I make it my mission to make next year even bigger.


Are you a subscriber to the WWE Network?

I sure am.

Do you have any favourite shows on the Network you enjoy watching?

Everything! Seriously, you can learn something from everything on there.

What are you opinions on the current WWE product?

They have me watching every week and every PPV so they're doing something right.

Who are some of your favourite wrestlers in the company? Past and present?

Undertaker, now more than ever. He's the consummate professional. He evolves, he stays current. He's always in shape. He always puts on quality product. Shawn Michaels is someone I could watch all day but I can't study him as he's too good. I have to watch him as a fan.

Would you ever like to work for WWE?

Absolutely, its the last goal on my list.

Who in WWE would like to face past or present and why?

Undertaker, just to feel that atmosphere.

Do you have any upcoming shows, appearances, social media pages, etc you would like to plug so people can get more of you in their daily routine?

Myself and Marc Massa will be defending the LCW tag titles on October 31st, I'll be making my debut for HOPE in Milton Keynes November 21st and I will be taking on Joe E Legend at DOA December 5th.

And if there are any promoters reading this how can they get you booked on their show?

Cy Gregory on Facebook, @cygregs on Twitter and Insta.

I want to thank Cy for taking the time to answer my questions and for being such a great sport in agreeing to give me some of his time to do this. Please give Cy a follow on social media if you haven't or don't already.

You can also check me out on Social Media, Audio, and a link to my previous work below.

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