An Interview With ICW's The Wee Man


I continue with my written interview series today with a brand new and exclusive interview with one of the stars of Insane Championship Wrestling in Neil 'The Wee Man' Bratchpiece, who is not only the manager of Davey Boy/Blaze, but outside of wrestling is also an incredibly hilarious stand-up comedian who also creates hilarious video's you can find on YouTube.

I had the pleasure of having The Wee Man answer some questions about his life in wrestling and outside of that too. I hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I did reading the answers back to the questions.

For those who may not be familiar with you can you tell our readers a little about your character?

My character is a Ned, Scottish version of a chav I guess. Tonic wine swilling leering mini thug.

Where did you come up for the idea of your character?

I came up with the idea many moons ago when I started in comedy doing sketches (my first ever gig was at London Comedy Store hosted by Jonathan Ross fact fans). I started doing it as a stand-up character and then some music videos I've done as the character now have around 7 million combined views. Google it.

What was your first experience of wrestling?

When I was a kid I used to wrestle my big brother to emulate Ultimate Warrior and the like. My special move was head butting him around 20 times in a row. My first experience of actually wrestling was having the shit beaten out me by the tag team Fight Club a the undercard to a Tommy Sheridan charity boxing match. My first experience of ICW was getting the shit beaten out me while performing some of my YouTube songs in the ring. There is a theme.

Who were your inspirations (both in and out of the ring) growing up?

Many inspirations, wrestling wise Roddy Piper and Macho Man, outside the ring there are many ranging from Arnie to Vic and Bob to Bill Hicks.

What made you first realize you wanted to get into the world of wrestling as a job?

I never anticipated wrestling as a job considering I am the height of shite and built like a silver rizla. Everything has been a pleasantly surprising accident

What has been your favourite moment of your career so far and why?

My favourite moment is still the second time I went to say "Hailing directly from Jeremy Kyle's worst fucking nightmares" and the crowd chanted it back at me. Coming from the world of stand-up comedy you don't expect a gag you wrote to be appreciated in such a way by hundreds of paying customers.

Which wrestling promotions do you tend to watch or follow?

I still follow WWE as much as I can even if I sometimes get jaded by the product. NXT is particularly well booked and presented.

What would be your best advice to anyone who is looking to break into the wrestling business?

My best advice would be seek out the best training school you can and work hard. Don't think for a second you'll immediately get booked for a big sold out show because you can do a passable Rock impression. Like any performance industry, get used to the idea of knocking your pan in for a dozen people who don't give a shit.

What are some of the best things about working in the independent wrestling business?

Honestly one of the best things is being involved in a large group who only want to help each other out to the put on the best show possible. Never have I experienced a medium where everyone is so dedicated to the idea of the show being the most important matter.

What hobbies do you have outside of wrestling?

I suppose I'm lucky that my hobbies are (often) paid so I'd count comedy and hip hop as falling under that bracket, although it's relatively well known I'm involved in these. Folk may not be aware I am also a cartoonist of near genius skill. I am also keen on modesty.


Are there any similarities to working a comedy gig and a wrestling show?

When done best both wrestling and comedy have people presenting an exaggerated version of themselves to entertain an audience. Plus I've been attacked at both.

Which do you prefer wrestling or comedy?

It's hard to pick favourites as they intertwine in some sense. I love comedy but wrestling has always got to me on emotional level that I can't explain to people not also in on it. I struggle to feel emotions about anything else. Apart from films where dogs get lost and have to go cross country to get to their owners. That shit fucks me right up.

For those who are not familiar with the product can you tell us what you think Insane Championship Wrestling is all about?

It's an over 18s wrestling show that's fun for all the family, particularly the Manson Family.

ICW made their first venture into England earlier this year. What was that experience like as previously ICW had only ever worked for a Scottish audience?

Like a home away from home in most places where the ICW product is as well received as ever. However, Leeds can go fuck itself.

You have transitioned recently to commentating with Billy Kirkwood. Was that by choice or was there another reason behind the decision?

I do what I'm asked and was keen to improve at it. It also gives me a good opportunity to concentrate on the whole show as opposed to just bits I'm directly involved in. Really makes you appreciate the whole thing more.

How did you feel the night Stevie Boy turned his back on you and Davey Boy to bring an end to the Buckie Boys?

Genuinely absolutely gutted and furious. Whatever people might say about wrestling being over the top, if you watch the footage back the expression on my face is in no way put on or embellished.

What's happening with Davey Boy?

Davey Boy is still a mad lovable bastard, except now with more rage and less hair.

Will you and Davey be looking to add anyone else to your duo? Or will you remain a double act?

We're currently auditioning by having guys take Davey a square go. So far everyone is totally dead

What has been your favourite ICW moment or memory?

Drew Galloway's return was undeniably a belter. Perfectly timed and executed top to bottom and the video going viral was proof.

And what does the future hold for The Wee Man as part of ICW?

Fuck knows. What does the future hold for anything? I could get run over by a hover board tomorrow.

Are you a subscriber to the WWE Network?

Took a free month then told them to bolt. More to do with my laptop being shitty.

Do you have any favourite shows on the Network you enjoy watching?

Only watched live and classic PPV.

What are you opinions on the current WWE product?

Always a big time show with some awesome talent. One criticism I've had for a while is the names they have now. Why push a guy as a flying superhero with a cape and superhero entrance then have him called Neville. That sounds like a toasty machine.

Who are some of your favourite wrestlers in the company? Past and present?

Macho, Flair, HBK, Rock, Eddie, Angle, have always been a huge Lesnar mark. Currently love New Day, turns out Kofi Kingston is one of the funniest dudes about.

Would you ever like to work for WWE?

Aye but their HQ's got a lot of windows to clean. Dunno if my wrist could take it.

Do you think ICW could be competition for WWE if they were to try and compete if the time and circumstances were right?

I think ICW are more a modern and improved ECW, offering a different aspect to the wrestling world that can exist alongside it.

Who on the WWE roster do you think would be a good fit to work in ICW?

Naomi. I'll pay the airfare myself.

Do you have any upcoming shows, appearances, social media pages, etc you would like to plug so people can get more of you in their daily routine?

Just The Wee Man on Facebook, the one wi the blue tick, and @ThatWeeMan on Twitter, blue tick pending.

And if there are any promoters reading this how can they get you booked on their show?

I doubt there would be but get us on either of them.

I want top thank Wee Man for taking the time to answer these questions for me. For more about the Wee Man give him a like on Facebook, a follow on Twitter, and of course please check him out as part of Insane Championship Wrestling when they come to your town.

You can also check me out on Social Media, Audio, and a link to my previous work below.

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