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Analysing The Return Of AJ Lee

Last night saw the return to WWE of AJ Lee, a return that is sure to raise many eyebrows and questions. It's a return that some perhaps did not see coming, given all the recent turmoil and drama going on with the Divas and personal issues that AJ is involved with. With AJ's return coming just in time for Wrestlemania, it led me to wonder impact her return could actually have on AJ and WWE. This isn't just a straight forward return, as there are some complex issues involved throughout the whole saga, which got me thinking about what really is part of the big picture here.

CM Punk & AJ Lee

Considering the recent lawsuit filed by WWE physician and doctor Chris Amman, I'm personally more than a little surprised to see AJ back in a WWE ring. Not that the lawsuit does anything directly to impact her, but she does have involvement been as her husband, CM Punk, is one of the two people Amman is suing. I'm sure WWE has more than just Amman working with the talent, but surely there is a conflict of interest there if not, not to mention an awkward situation for all involved. I'm sure all involved are happy to be professional about the matter but you have to think there is something odd about that situation. What if AJ gets injured and Amman has to be the one treating her? If something were to go wrong with the treatment, there's every chance he could be counter sued by Punk. It's a dangerous game being played by WWE, but one I'm sure that has already been taken care of prior to AJ's return.

AJ's recent Twitter comments using the #GiveDivasAChance also makes her return significant, especially after she directly tweeted his displeasure of the Divas treatment to her boss, Stephanie McMahon, who had earlier that day tweeted Patricia Arquette for standing up for women's rights. I will be one of the first to admit that when I read the tweet AJ sent in response to Stephanie, calling out her boss on the pay and screen time of the female talent, I thought it spelt the end for AJ in WWE. I did not see her coming back from this, but her return is ultimately a good thing for WWE, as AJ's return comes at a time where the Divas division is under more scrutiny than it has been for some time, and it has been a long time since the division has been so closely watched, albeit for the wrong reasons on this occasion.

AJ Lee

The question of course now begs to be asked; was that tweet all a work on AJ and Stephanie's parts? Were they working the internet to make us believe there was a legitimate gripe and strained relationship? After all, rumours and speculation have been swirling about AJ's future in the company and this seems like the perfect opportunity to take advantage of that and get people talking more. Even Vince McMahon himself tweeted that WWE were listening and that fans should stay tuned to see what happens with the Divas. Is this what he was hinting to? Does AJ's tweet mean that down the line there is a build to a match between Stephanie and AJ? You have to think given the ongoing real life saga with Punk and the WWE, this could make an awesome reality based storyline, although WWE would have to be careful what it did and didn't do to blur the lines of storyline and reality.

AJ is without doubt the top Diva in WWE, and her return to the WWE can only be seen as a good thing for the company, and the Divas division as a whole. We all know AJ is great at what she does, and anything she can do to strengthen the division is a bonus right now with the negative light it has been painted in over the years. Without doubt, the way she has previously been booked I believe AJ is poised to be the face of the Divas division, and this now serves as an opportunity for her to prove herself to the company that despite outside influences she is committed to helping the company succeed. I'm confident it's only a matter of time before another Divas title reign is on the cards for AJ, and I hope WWE gives her and the other Divas a chance to prove what they can do in the ring.

AJ Lee

While AJ has returned to WWE, there are still bound to be questions about her long term future with the company. Her marriage to CM Punk could still be a huge factor on how long she remains a part of WWE, not to mention the on going situation between Punk and her employer. For her to stay, I believe the company needs to show they are 100% behind AJ going forward. If they commit to AJ, then there is every chance she stays when her contract does finally come up. If not, losing AJ would be a huge blow to WWE and the Divas division as a whole, and would have to be seen as another big blow to WWE and the future of the credibility of the Divas division.

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