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Are Battle Royals Best For Business?

It's WrestleMania season, and we are just weeks away from the biggest event on the wrestling calendar. Everyone is in anticipation for what will be on the card, and then it was announced that the Andre Memorial Battle Royal will be returning this year to WrestleMania 31. Never mind that odd sensation that just came over you, that was just the excitement fleeting from your body now that you know this juggernaut waste of time will get more screen time than half of the other matches on the card. I am not saying this to be a mark or trendy, but because it is fact.


The original battle royal had a lot of build, and many expected it to be the launching pad of someone's career. When Cesaro won, everyone expected him to be the next big up and coming superstar. I mean why wouldn't you: the man had a great career restart with the victory at WrestleMania 30, has an impressive move set and athletic ability, and he was so over with the hardcore fan base it was ridiculous. He was poised to be the next break out baby face. This apparently didn't sit well with upper management's plans for him and he was paired with Paul Heyman. An otherwise great pairing, but it squandered all of his momentum. Cesaro's career took monumental steps back, and has only regained some footing thanks to his title victory with Tyson Kidd recently. But that was all last year, and this year the match seems even less helpful than the one before it.

First off, the match is already lowered in importance. Hulk Hogan was the one who originally announced the battle royal, and was done in memory of Andre The Giant for the 30th anniversary of WrestleMania. That entire significance is gone or at the very least diminished with a sequel in place. Plus, the man who announced it this year was Curtis Axel. A guy whose current gimmick is claiming he is still in the Royal Rumble. Does this mean this is what replaces Money In The Bank as the standard multi-man attraction for WrestleMania...I hope not.

Even if you look over the details of why the match is even getting a second chance, the match has already prevented one highly anticipated contest from happening at the grandest stage of them all, and only three people have been announced. With The Miz being included in the match, this means we won't see Miz vs. Mizdow at WrestleMania 31. I know that doesn't sound super appealing to everyone, but it would have made for a great match for the under card. One that crafted a story and would actually help someone's career go forward. Honestly, they could still do that in the battle royal (I mean as of right now Mizdow is the only worth winning the match, especially by eliminating Miz last). Even if that scenario happened, it wouldn't have as much impact as a pin fall victory over The Miz.


On the flip side, if it doesn't ruin potentially great matches for the under card, the match itself will be full of jobbers and overlooked talent. Does this mean we will get more long winded conversations about who will win the giant trophy that the audience sees once, with guys like Curtis Axel and Heath Slater. Riveting television there. My whole point is that the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal has no point. Besides being a dump sight for talent to get on the WrestleMania card, it holds no other purpose or value. If Ceasaro actually accomplished something after his win, or the prize was of worth, than maybe it could be justified. The fact that the Royal Rumble is so close to WrestleMania makes this match even more worthless as an annual attraction. The match has no value, no purpose, and no reason to grace WrestleMania 31. If you feel the same let me know in the comments below, if you can provide a valued argument of why the match does belong at WrestleMania let us know. as always, have a good day.

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