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August Xplosion eXamination - Gail Kim Defends, Gunner Teams With Mr. Anderson & More


Welcome back to another edition of Xplosion eXamination! Xplosion is a one-hour television show that airs internationally and features weekly matches, an entertaining panel segment called the Spin Cycle, throwback matches and more! In this monthly feature here on, I break down the matches that are uploaded to TNA's YouTube channel. I have the match clip posted below each match breakdown.

James Storm def. Tigre Uno(8/8/14)

As the commentators noted before the match, this was certainly a contrast in style and size. Storm spent most of the match trying to find a way to keep Tigre Uno on the ground, but Uno had other plans. Tigre Uno shined in this brief bout as he was able to hit his signatures on The Cowboy. Storm managed to hit The Last Call for the win in under five minutes. There wasn't really a whole lot to this match, but I certainly enjoyed it.

Knockout's Championship: Gail Kim def. Velvet Sky(8/10/14)

I was shocked to see the title was on the line in this bout but it was a pleasant surprise. Gail Kim is absolutely one of the best female wrestlers out there and she proves it every time she's in the ring. Sky has potential but I haven't seen a whole lot of her yet. This was a decent bout. It felt like Sky had control for a good majority of the match and Kim managed to roll her up to retain. This is worth watching if you're a fan of these two Knockouts. Also, this marked the return of the six-sided ring on Xplosion. I found it interesting that the commentators noted that Gail Kim likes the six-sided ring.

Gunner & Mr. Anderson def. Jessie Godderz & Robbie E(8/15/14)

Ever since Sacrifice, I have been a big fan of Gunner. I don't know what it is, but he's unique and I just like him. I wasn't shocked to see that Anderson was his partner here since they have been involved in a storyline together recently. This was a solid tag team match. It started to slow down in the middle but the pace picked up as it went on. I did enjoy the little bit of comedy that The BroMans gave us in the ring. The finish saw Anderson hit the Mic Check and Gunner followed it up with a diving headbutt on Godderz for the win.

The Freak & Knux def. Jessie Godderz & Robbie E(8/22/14)

The BroMans and The Menagerie once again clashed in a tag team match on Xplosion. I was rather bored with this match as there wasn't a whole lot to watch. The BroMans are back to jobbing while The Menagerie has hardly been featured on Impact, except Crazzy Steve. The Freak got the pin on Robbie E for the win.

Madison Rayne def. Brittany(8/29/14)

It was nice to see these two again as they haven't been on TV much lately. This was like stepping back two months watching this match, however, I did enjoy it. The match seemed to start off slow and they picked up the pace. Brittany is impressive and my hope is that she gets more TV time soon. Madison Rayne rolled Brittany up to gain another win over her former friend.

That's it for August! I'll be back with another rundown at the end of September. Feel free to drop a comment below and you can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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