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Austin Aries Finished With TNA Wrestling? (Impact Spoiler)

Austin Aries's future does not appear to be with TNA Wrestling. Aries raised questions about his future after some of his activity on social media, however, he later stated the post had nothing to do with his work. At tonight's Impact taping, Aries lost a match against Rockstar Spud with his career on the line.

Scott Brooks of filed the following report:

Austin Aries came to the ring. He said he was not in a good mood. He said you can say what you want about him or write whatever you want about him on the Internet. One thing everyone should know about him is that when he is in this ring nobody cares more about wrestling than him. Championships and politics aside nobody on this universe is better than me right now which is why when the new law made a tournament for the #1 contendership, he was upset that he wasn't included. That wasn't a small mistake, that was a great mistake. Rockstar Spud gets a shot but not him. AA's value is up here. Spud's is down here. Ray has not made a great first impression on him. Aries is the greatest man that ever lived. Bully Ray's music hit and he came to the ring. Ray said he may not think he is doing a good job but the fans' opinions are the only ones that matters and this might be cheesy but he asks if the fans think he is doing a good job and they cheer. A few fans chant Aries and Ray calls Aries a great wrestler and admits his defeat. Aries says he fought the law and he won. Ray said he always moves that mouth a little too fast. Ray guarantees him getting another shot. Aries asks for a title shot then. Ray says Aries already lost to Kurt Angle. Aries then asks for a rematch with Roode against The Wolves. Ray calls it a great idea but he did just lose a best of 5 series to the Wolves. Aries then asks what he can do. Ray offers him a shot at the X-Division Title. Aries said he has been there and done that several times. He has held it more times than he cares to remember. He doesn't need the X-Division Title, the X-Division Title needs him. That title is made for guys like Rockstar Spud, guys who will never be great. Rockstar Spud's music hits and he comes to the ring.

Spud says he is not here to get up in his face. Aries says that is good. Spud said he has always looked up to him but to hear him say those things about him really hurts. Austin said he didn't mean to hurt his feelings. Spud calls him an overachiever and the most decorated champion in TNA, he is the greatest man that ever lived, and he made people like himself believe by creating Option C by giving people like him a chance to be the World Heavyweight Champion and he created and won Option C. Aries said he didn't make Option C for guys like him he made it for himself. He says he told Spud he was not going to win if he cashed in. Aries admits he lost to Angle but 9/10 times he would beat Angle. 9/10 times Spud would lose. Aries has an idea and wants to give Spud an opportunity and gives him a chance to step in the ring to see if he can prove that he can hang with Austin Aries and will at least have something to show for all his hard work. Spud said he has shown he can hang his whole life, and that he deserves to be here. He calls Aries a former world tag and X champion and said he doesn't think he can hang with Aries, he thinks he can beat Aries. Aries said he knows it is not going to happen. He said Spud is no Rockstar. He said if he can't beat someone like Spud he doesn't know if he belongs in this ring. Ray commends Spud and says all Aries wants to do is kick sand in his face. He tells Aries to put his money where his mouth is and if he can't beat him, he will never wrestle in this ring again. Aries asks if there is something in it for him. If Spud wins, he will leave. "When" he beats Spud, he wants Rockstar's name and wants to be known as "Rockstar Austin Aries" while he will be nothing but little old Spud. He lays out Spud and walks out.

Later in the show

In a match for the rights to the "Rockstar" name vs his TNA Career, Rockstar Spud defeated Austin Aries with a top rope sliced bread #2 (may have been an Underdog attempt but ended up being a Sliced Bread.) The match went over ten minutes and Aries hit a lot of his trademark offense. Spud kicked out of the brainbuster. When Spud hulked up at one point, he tore off his bow tie. Aries set him up for a top rope back superplex when Spud countered into the sliced bread.

Aries shook Spud's hand and raised his arm up to the fans. He received a standing ovation and pointed to the fans as he left. Bobby Roode came to the stage and hugged him as he walked to the back.

If Aries does indeed depart, he'll join a list that includes Low Ki, James Storm and Magnus. We'll have a complete spoiler report from tonight online later.

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