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Backstage News On Plans For Big WWE Title Change Getting Nixed

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Seth Rollins

We reported earlier this week here on Premium there was a plan at one point for Seth Rollins to capture the WWE Intercontinental Championship from Ryback on this week's Raw and go on to work three times at Night of Champions.

We're now told it was Triple H that made the call to nix the change on Monday but strapping Rollins with a third title is still being considered. From Hunter's perspective, he didn't think they should rush it and Rollins defending three times at the pay-per-view could be overkill. Right now they're considering a Rollins vs. Ryback title vs. title match at one of the upcoming pay-per-views/WWE Network specials.

This is why Ryback was given the pinfall win, to set up a potential WWE World Heavyweight Championship vs. WWE Intercontinental Championship match later on. It should be reiterated that Rollins was very close to walking out of Raw with all three belts and this is something that has come up since the day after SummerSlam. Obviously WWE isn't rushing it but Rollins could be WWE's treble winning champion before long.

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