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As The Big Show Turns

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With the 'issues' between Big Show and Kane, many fans came out of Smackdown wondering if Big Show might be in store for yet another turn. We always joke about how many times Big Show has turned through his twenty years in the business, but there's no way that those many turns haven't hurt his overall career. Yes, Big Show is a giant intimidating man, but that doesn't mean he's immune to character issues. These many turns have made the fans wonder what drop of the hat will make him turn next. With an average of a turn every 7½ months of his career, sometimes after only a couple months back and forth, that can't be a good thing for his character development or career. Further, few of them were because the fans forced it, most were scripted to happen.

Each fan has their own feeling about whether Big Show is better as heel or face, and both sides of the debate have valid points, but they would with the number of times we've seen him playing characters on both sides of the fence, and even in between. The problem is that he's played so many characters, some better than others, that the fans just don't believe him on either side as any character. Now, no matter what he might be saying on mic, Big Show garners chants of, "Boring!" and I think that most of it comes from the lack of believability in the character he's playing - not how he's playing it, or against him personally.

There's no question that Big Show is a Hall of Fame candidate, and someone who will be lauded in the industry for not only being a giant, but an agile and creative wrestler who wasn't held back by his size or injuries. He's had the ability to work the ring against almost anyone and make it look feasible. When I first started researching Big Show's turns, I thought that the WWE was fully to blame for Big Show rarely sticking with a character alignment for very long, but it turns out that the years he was in WCW were just as bad. In just over three years with the company, he had five alignment changes, so the indecision over Big Show's direction has a long history.

So that leaves me wondering how Big Show will be remembered when everything is said and done. Rock is great on mic. Cena is the eternal good guy, no matter what the fans might yell at him. Bryan the underdog who managed to overcome the odds. Of course Big Show will be remembered for his size, as Andre The Giant is, but
Andre is also remembered for his feuds, his long running winning streak, and how much alcohol he could ingest in one sitting. But he is also remembered for how much he adored Stephanie McMahon. What about Big Show? Personally, I hope he's remembered as someone who gave all of his body and heart to all he did in the ring and out of it. While not the best on mic, his workhorse mentality made his work strong and believable, no matter who he was working with or against.

I've compiled what I think is a comprehensive list of Big Show's turns through his career. It is possible that I might have missed something, but I think I have most, if not all of his major turns through the years here.


1995 – (October) Giant debuts working with Dungeon of Doom, is heel.
1996 – (July) Giant in feud with Hollywood Hogan, turns face.
1996 – (August 26) Giant joins nWo, turns heel
1996 – (December 30) Giant kicked out of nWo, turns face.
1998 – (May) Giant joins nWo Hollywood, turns heel.
1999 – (January) Giant again kicked out of nWo when they reform, turns face.


1999 – (February 14) Big Show debuts helping McMahon as a heel.
1999 – (March 28) At WrestleMania, Big Show knocks out McMahon, turns face.
1999 – (Summer) Big Show turns heel to tag with Taker.
1999 – (October) Big Show goes face with 'dead father' storyline.
2000 – (January) Big Show wins RR, but overturned & feuds w/ Rock, aligns with Shane, turns heel.
2000 – (April) Big Showster impersonates other wrestlers, turns face.
2000 – (July) Big Show feuds with face Taker, turns heel.
2001 – Big Show forms Show Gunns with Billy, turns face. Stays face tagging with Spike.
2002 – (April 22) Big Show joins nWo and attacks Austin, turns heel.
2002 – (October) Big Show goes to Smackdown, turns face.
2002 – (October) Big Show quickly aligns with Heyman against Brock, turns heel.
2004 – Big Show returns from injury to Smackdown as face.
2006 – (July) Big Show defected to ECW, aligns with Heyman, turns heel.
2008 – (February 17) Big Show returns to WWE at No Way Out as face.
2008 – (February 17) Big Show attacks Rey, turns heel.
2008 – (April) Big Show feuds with Khali and Henry, turns face by default.
2008 – (September 7) Big Show saves Vickie from Taker, turns heel.
2009 – (October12) Big Show beats Jericho, earned spot on Team Raw, tease face turn.
2009 – (October 25) At Bragging Rights, Big Show turns on his team, turns heel.
2010 – (April 26) Big Show punches Miz, drafter to SD, helps Long, turns face.
2012 – (May 20) – Big Show gets iron clad contract from Laurinaitis, turns on Cena, turns heel.
2013 – (March 1) Big Show helps Orton & Sheamus against The Shield, turns face.
2013 – (April 7) WM29 Big Show knocks out Orton & Sheamus for no tags in the match against Shield, turns heel.
2013 – (August 12) Big Show returns from time off to help Henry and RVD against The Shield, turns face.
2013 – (October 6) – Big Show cries a lot from doing Steph's bidding, hits Bryan, turns heel.
2014 – (October) Big Show joins Team Cena against The Authority, turns face.
2014 – (November 23) – At Survivor Series Big Show turns on his team, turns heel.
2015 – (February 12) – Big Show Kane & The Authority, turns face.

As always, thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed looking through Big Show's storied career through the 32 turns he's worked through. Did I miss a turn? Tell us in the comments!

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