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Big SummerSlam Booking Change, Why Wins & Losses Don’t Matter In WWE, Eva Marie Defended

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Triple H

- There may have been a major change in plans for the SummerSlam main event between Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar because of differing opinions with Vince McMahon and Triple H. We have all the details in today’s top story available at this link. If you’re not yet a member we’re offering 30% off on all subscriptions, simply use the promo code 30Percentat the signup page.

- Triple H talked about wins and losses [within WWE] in an interview with Here’s what he said, “Do I keep track of the exact wins and losses of talent? No. To me, all of this stuff is a feel. All of it is a feel. Sometimes you're beating a talent because you want to beat them and that's the sympathetic reaction you're trying to elicit. There are some talents that, when you beat them, they get more popular, but as soon as they start on a winning path, their popularity begins to wane...People want that underdog to strive to succeed and then get a little bit of success and then get knocked back off that perch and be the underdog again… People don't understand it when Vince [McMahon] will say it's not about wins and losses or those things. Do they matter? Sure. Are they the be all, end all? Absolutely not. I suppose there's a stone somewhere that it's written on that says, 'Thou shalt not book 50/50 because it won't lead to success for your promotion.' We'll stand on that stone while we're selling out Brooklyn three days in a row.”Road Dogg, who works as a producer in WWE, stated back in February that wins and losses don’t count. He then touted WWE’s success. The company line is wins and losses don’t matter, don’t believe us? Look at how successful we are.

- Becky Lynch recently did an interview with Channel Guide Mag where she came to the defense of Eva Marie. Here’s her comments: "Eva Marie is so hard-working. Yes, she is new. She gets so much flack from fans for being this gorgeous woman who, apparently, they say can't wrestle, but she puts in the hard work. I love working with talent like that. It's a challenge for me, but I feel it's a great spot for me to be in because I can be a leader. I really enjoy that. I remember when I was coming in and having someone to keep you calm and help you through helps. Then you build this confidence. It does help because maybe they don't have that confidence at first, and you are able to bring them through to a good match. Then they come back, and they are so excited. I absolutely love that.” The complete interview is available at this link.

- Speaking of Lynch, she tagged with a returning Naomi at last night’s WWE live event in Hidalgo, Texas. We have results online at this link.

- Billy Corgan’s promotion to TNA President has been greeted with optimism. Prior to coming to TNA, Corgan founded a successful indie promotion called Resistance Pro Wrestling and is seen as someone with a better pulse on the business than Dixie Carter. We’ve always been told that Carter is a very nice person but just doesn’t understand the wrestling business. The people I have spoken with feel that Corgan does and that is will make a difference in the TNA product moving forward.

- There was a SummerSlam concert scheduled for next Thursday at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY featuring Flo Rida with the proceeds going to Connor’s Cure. Ticketmaster contacted ticket holders over the weekend, announcing the event has been canceled.

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