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Blog Zone: The Havok Has Begun

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Welcome to the Blog Zone. Usually I have some opening leading into the week’s show but I am going to jump right in and start with this question. Why is the arena so dark? It looks very cheap. This doesn’t look like a TV taping, it looks like footage filmed form a live event. It looks horrible and make me wonder if ticket sales weren’t that great so the crowd lights are down. This show looks really sad. It just goes to prove my point that stories sell. Wrestling will only take you so far. Stories are what get ratings and what sell tickets. Why did nobody purchase ticket in Bethlem? Because of the build over the previous month has sucked!

Austin Aries

We are starting with AA and his decision. Aries vs Gail Kim now who doesn’t want to see that? That caught me off guard and made me laugh. I wasn’t aware that Aries was actually going to have his title match tonight. I thought it was just going to be his decision. Again that shows lack of build and lack of advertisement from TNA. Not only that we get his show right away, we don’t even have to wait for the rest of the show. Aries decision was the only thing I was interested in this week so basically if it wasn’t for this blog I would turn the channel after this match. I like what Aries said about the X-division title and what it represents while that was true at one point, it is not so true anymore. I do hope that it gets back to “everything right with wrestling.”

Aries vs Joe

Aries vs Joe sounds great. I should be excited for this, I should be sitting at the edge of my seat completely into this match, but I am not. Having this match thrown at us really took any excitement I would have away. I also did not believe that Aries had any shot of winning the X-Division title. When Aries went for the suicide I dive I didn’t understand why Joe stood there and watched Aries run all the way across the ring and just take the hit. It didn’t look good. Honestly I can’t say if this match was any good because I just wasn’t into and was easily distracted.

EC3 and Spud

This segment didn’t do it for me. Not sure why, I understand what they were trying to accomplish but I wasn’t impressed. I’m not saying that it was horrible, it just wasn’t good. EY helped a little bit but it was the typical let me try to talk some sense into the heel and make him change is ways. I guess at times segments like this are needed to further stories.

EC3 vs EY

The first thing that stuck out to me in this match was the live audience. Their chants were completely uncreative and wrong. EC3 is the most entertaining man on the roster right now. The live crowd can come up with something better than “overrated” or “you can’t wrestle.” It is completely ridiculous for them to chant that. This match was just to further the dissension between Spud and EC3 and I think it accomplished its goal.

Havok vs Gail Kim

This wasn’t really the match. This was just Gail Kim getting destroyed by Havok. It was pretty entertaining though. Good back and forth action. Havok’s bear hug hammerlock was something that I haven’t seen before so that was a nice touch.

The Wolves, Team 3D, Hardys

Bully Ray sounded like an idiot. It made absolutely no sense. He contradictive himself by saying the Wolves were good then turned around and said they weren’t good. I think it is hilarious that Team 3D and the Hardys are putting down the Wolves when the Wolves beat the Hardys already and also beat both teams at the same time. Richards was actually great on the mic here. I was really impressed with his rebuttal. Again the crowd shows how stupid they really are chanting “TLC” uh hello this is TNA, it’s called a Full Metal Mayhem. Ohh and look at that another predictable move from the Tag Team series with the Wolves making it official announcing a Full Metal Mayhem match.

Manik vs Shark Boy

James Storm story is my favorite thing going on right now. It’s great to see a story being told and drawn out. It hasn’t been rushed and is utilizing two wrestlers that needed a direction. This is great to see Shark Boy make an appearance. What was Shark Boy doing when he kept putting his hand to his mouth? I didn’t understand that. And shouldn’t he be Shark Man by now? Manik got the victory, nothing special here, just showing dominance of the new group.

Anderson vs MVP

The only thing I can really say about this is if the story is too continue then it was the right call for MVP to get the win here. I also thought it was hilarious when MVP was hoping on one leg. This is what a heel is supposed to do. Real heels are missing from wrestling now a days because the fans have become SAWFT!

Bobby Roode

One more match! Oh TNA is copying WWE because that is Christian’s saying. Or is it that Christian is returning to TNA! OH my in what ways is everyone going to run wild with this? Other than that little line that I had some fun with this was cheesy. I don’t like Roode as a face. This segment did nothing.

Havok vs Gail Kim (Knockouts Title)

It’s hard for me to get into the matches when I already know what’s going to happen. I didn’t care to watch for the match I knew Havok was going to win, not only because it was setup that way on the show but because of all the freaking spoilers! The taping schedule I cannot handle because spoilers are everywhere and I try to avoid them at all cost but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. SPOILERS RUIN WRESTLING!!!!!!


I tried to watch this live but couldn’t take anymore after 40 minutes, so I turned it off. It took me two days to get back to watch the rest of the show. Wow did it seem to take forever to end. An hour and a half felt like 5 hours. I couldn’t wait for this show to end just so I wouldn’t have to watch it anymore.

Comment are encouraged but please do not post spoiler as some readers do not read them.

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