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Bound For Glory 2014 - The Stories Are There

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A week has passed from the airing of Bound For Glory 2014. Where are we now? It's the middle of October and the future matters very much right now. We all know that TNA has been on a wacky roller coaster ride since last October. Has 2014 seen more positive, or more negative? While you are thinking about all the positives from this year, you will think about the negatives. One great thing about is that you see so many different opinions. There has been a lot of buzz about this year's Bound For Glory. BFG is compared to WWE's WrestleMania. That means the show should be huge, right? This year was different. We all know that it was different. But some fans won't accept it.

What did Bound For Glory lack? The first things that fans will say is storylines. The next thing fans will point out is lack of promotion. If you want fans to watch your big pay-per-view, you would advertise the matches and promote it on TV. BFG was hardly pushed on TV until the week before. The card wasn't announced until the last couple weeks either. So it's TNA's biggest show of the year and only two championships are on the line. Top stars like Lashley, The Wolves, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries, and Gail Kim aren't going to be featured. The show is taped in Japan and will air on tape delay here in the United States.

Why did I just go through everything we've heard or even said in the last month? Because those were the facts. What did we see at Bound For Glory? We witnessed stories. Not just any stories, but stories that opened my eyes and showed me the bigger picture. We witnessed wrestling, true wresting. That's where fans go wrong. They assume the show is going to suck based on what happened before. Was I disappointed on going in to the show? Yes. Was I disappointed walking away? Nope. The huge debate right now is about the storytelling at BFG. It was there. The stories were alive and well! If you haven't watched this year's Bound For Glory and you're looking for a good reason to watch it, here's a few.

EC3's Streak - EC3 debuted at Bound For Glory 2013. He has now been in TNA for a year and he's undefeated in televised singles matches. He started out beating jobbers and moved on to beat three out of the four TNA Hall of Fame inductees. Fans can make the claim that TNA once again stole WWE's leftovers and turned him into a star, but that isn't the case here. EC3 has shined since day one. He has talent in the ring, can cut a promo with ease, and he has a good look. What more could you want? EC3 has beat Sting, Kurt Angle, and Bully Ray. Three huge names in TNA. So on the one year anniversary of his debut, EC3 has to face former sumo wrestler Ryota Hama. Hama is huge! EC3 was confident in his pre-match promo. Ethan faced some challenges in the match and even brought some comedic relief while working to beat his massive opponent. EC3's story as a rising heel is great and fans will love it.

James Storm & Sanada vs. Tajiri & The Great Muta - The big story at BFG that followed storylines on Impact was one for American and Japanese wrestling fans alike. James Storm teamed with his brainwashed protege Sanada to face the legendary team of Tajiri and The Great Muta. There was already a story to this and that story continued in the ring. The heroes did prevail, but Storm and Sanada still look strong despite this loss.

Team 3D's Legendary Career - Featuring Two Other Legends - This was my favorite story from Bound For Glory. Team 3D was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame. So of course they should have a match at BFG! While fans wish they would've faced The Wolves for the Tag Titles, TNA set up a perfect match. Tommy Dreamer and Abyss have wrestled in Japan and all over the world. They both know what it's like to work hardcore matches. Dreamer and Abyss were perfect opponents for a team like Team 3D. Through out BFG, we saw several video packages highlighting Team 3D's career. They showed us Tommy Dreamer inducting Team 3D into the Hall of Fame Saturday night. This match was already special before it began. When the match did get underway, we watched something special. They used all sorts of weapons and brought out everything hardcore they could including a Japanese table, thumb tacks, steel chairs, and more! After a long war, Devon pinned Tommy Dreamer and Team 3D picked up a very important win. This match just felt so special to watch in front of a Japanese crowd and with Team 3D's Hall of Fame induction. Everyone did amazing in this match.

This is just a little bit of what TNA showed us at Bound For Glory. Minoru Tanaka vs. Manik, MVP vs. Sakamoto, and the three-way X-Division Championship match were awesome matches as well. Havok retained her Knockout's Championship against Velvet Sky. Four Wrestle-1 stars were able to showcase their talents in an exclusive tag team match. So what did this year's BFG teach us? TNA is different than fans want them to be this year. Fans need to accept the change and they need to be supportive if they really are "big fans" or "marks" like they say they are. The live crowd in Japan was awesome and they surprised me. Please don't knock the show if you haven't watched it. Watch it when you get the chance and forget about the bad stuff before you watch it.

Bound For Glory 2014 was about being different. Could it have been "better?" Yeah, but it could've been a lot worse. 2014 has been a controversial year for TNA. Companies make mistakes. They may do things you don't want them to do. You want them to succeed though, right? So like I said, support TNA; don't help them close their doors.

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