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Bray Wyatt Wants To Claim A Soul

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Last night at WWE Fast Lane, we saw the seeds being planted for a match that many felt was coming as Bray Wyatt finally called out The Undertaker, saying that he was going to claim the dead mans soul, whilst cutting the promo in a casket. Wyatt has spent weeks calling someone out in his promo's, and many felt the challenge was directed to Undertaker prior to last nights event. Now the match is going to take place at Wrestlemania, it leaves me wondering what this really means for both the Undertaker's legacy and Bray Wyatt's career?


How is WWE going to top last years Wrestlemania, where we not only saw the triumph of Daniel Bryan, as he became WWE World Heavyweight Champion against all the odds, but we saw Sports Entertainments most shocking moment when Brock Lesnar broke the Undertaker's undefeated Wrestlemania streak and left the WWE Universe in stunned silence and disbelief. With the streak no loner in tact, why should we as fans care about this match? After all, now there isn't anything on the line, the Undertaker's Wrestlemania value has suddenly dropped considerably. Despite this, his appeal remains as strong as ever. Without the Undertaker, it almost seems like Wrestlemania would feel like a part of it's history and appeal was missing.

No matter what I believe this pairing is still a dream match for the fans. Alone, these two have the most iconic entrances in the history of the business, with Bray Wyatt and the fireflies filling the arena, while on the other side you have the Undertaker's bone chilling spectacle of an entrance that is a sight to behold and experience. This alone makes this a must see moment for any fan, and we all know that Bray can have a great match, and despite his advancing years and questionable health status, Undertaker can still knock a match of the year candidate out of the park once a year. With both men at different stages of their careers, it brings up the question of who should win such a potentially historical match?


There's a part of me that really feels that the Undertaker should be the winner. He needs the momentum really after his loss last year, and if he is headed into a potential second dream match next year, the match that many speculate will be his final match, against Sting, then he needs to look as if he at least has a chance against another icon of the business. If Undertaker loses then how do the fans get excited for a match next year? It kills Takers momentum instantly, and the outcome for the match the following year almost writes itself. I'm going to be more excited for the match as a fan if I see Undertaker in a battle with Bray Wyatt, but he has to ultimately emerge the victor to sustain the believability that he can still win at Wrestlemania, despite the previous years set back. Not only that, but if Bray beats Undertaker then what does that do to Brock Lesnar? Undertaker winning only makes Lesnar look even stronger following his dominant win the previous year.

But then there is another part of me that believes Bray Wyatt should win. Without doubt, this would be the biggest match and win of his career to date, and would further legitimise him as a top star in the company. Bray is seen by many fans as the replacement character for Undertaker, when he eventually hangs up his boots, and a rub from probably the biggest icon in the industry would do so much for Bray in his early career. It's a huge responsibility for Bray to shoulder, I don't doubt that, and he has been lost in terms of his booking since the Wyatt Family was disbanded, but this could be the kick start he needs to get things back on track and help him emerge from the shadows as the star we all know that he can be.


Undertaker clearly is yet to accept the challenge, and while I expect he would have been cleared to compete and given WWE the green light to say he will be on the show, there's still always the possibility of a swerve for Bray's opponent if things have not been worked out fully. WWE are not silly enough to promote something they know may not take place though, and from a fan standpoint this match has the potential to be one of the most memorable in Wrestlemania history. I have my worries about Undertaker's health after his concussion against Brock last year, but I still believe he has enough in the tank to pull out another memorable match that will leave fans clambering for more next year.

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