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Breaking News - Steve Keirn Says There Is "No Truth" To FCW Shutting Down Rumor

I contacted Florida Championship Wrestling President Steve Keirn via email this morning to ask about rumors regarding WWE shutting down the Tampa-based promotion. Keirn replied with the following quote:

There is no truth to the rumor we are at school today training and the WWE will respond to this to clear it up. Thank you for your concern. SK

News broke late last night/early this morning when WWE informed their local TV affiliate, the Bright House Network, they were pulling the series effective immediately. The initial word was that the remaining programming taped would air but the series would end in three weeks.

The news sent shockwaves through the Florida wrestling scene as I reported earlier this morning that current developmental workers were thinking of quitting and many were expecting cuts. At this point we'll see where the news goes from here and await an official response from WWE.

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