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Breaking Down The Road To Slammiversary - Has The Show Been Saved By A Beautiful Disaster?

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The road to Slammiversary has been an interesting one. Many problems have been pointed out by lots of fans over the last several weeks. Lack of proper build, too much MVP, inconsistent storylines, no live programming, the lack of the X-Division, and many other things. TNA spent most of their time building MVP vs. Eric Young and now that match has been thrown out because of MVP's injury. But his injury seems to be a beautiful disaster.

We were all left wondering what TNA would do with the main event of one of their biggest pay-per-views just a couple days away from the show! After last night's Impact, eight matches - nine if you count the Von Erich's possible match - have been announced for the three-hour show. Five of those are singles matches. Luckily, EC3 and Bully have had a decent build to their grudge match. Mr. Anderson and James Storm will face-off after weeks of Anderson tormenting Storm. Willow vs. Magnus is probably the match I'm looking forward to the least because my interest just isn't there at all.

To continue the Team MVP vs. Team EY program, Bobby Lashley vs. Samoa Joe and Kenny King vs. Austin Aries have also been scheduled for the pay-per-view. These last two matches I just mentioned haven't had hardly any real build to them.

The rest of the card is filled by two title matches. Gail Kim won a number one contender's match on this week's Impact and will challenge Angelina Love for the Knockout's Championship. And then you have six TNA stars thrown into a ladder match for Sanada's X-Division Championship. And the Tag Team Champions are both in that match! TNA really hasn't focused on their champions on this road to Slammiversary, besides Eric Young.

Now I'm going to go back to the main event situation. It was finally announced on Friday that MVP is not cleared to compete. Well, there goes everything TNA has built over the last several weeks. TNA made a very smart move by taking two of the planned singles matches for the show, and turning them into "qualifying matches" for the main event. So now the question is, who will EY have to defend against? Both of MVP's buddies? Both of EY's allies? One face and one heel? Now the intrigue is there, right? Now there is interest!

I mean think about it. Some of these matches could just take place on Impact. A lot of people were very disappointed with the way things were looking before MVP's announcement. And now fans have a reason to care. There is meaning to the madness! Could Samoa Joe advance and possibly win the World Title? Austin Aries could rise back up into the main-event scene. Maybe one of MVP's buddies will walk out with it. Or, Eric Young rises above the odds once again and retains.

TNA has taken two, somewhat meaningless, matches and added stipulations to them. This builds back interest into the main event. And what happens in the main event of Slammiversary could lay out plans for this summer.

TNA really has screwed up. They have turned fans away from their product with simple mistakes. The company has suffered a domino affect over at least the last year, and it's obvious. Lack of leadership, lack of money, main-event stars leave the company, lack of live shows, and some bad booking is all it takes to really hurt a wrestling promotion. I am one of those viewers who hasn't been too impressed with the way things have been headed lately. Of course I want TNA to succeed, but they need to think about what they are doing. And I think they are finally thinking.

MVP's injury is a beautiful disaster. It ruined the main event of Slammiversary, at first. But I think more fans are happier with the new plan than they are with the original. I know I am. It's never good when fans think a show is going to be bad before it even happens. The road to Slammiversary sure has been a rocky one, there's no doubt about it. But I truly think that fans are going to be mind-blown by the show even after all the poor choices TNA has made recently.

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