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Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future Revealed, Big Draft News, WWE Star Set For Revamp, Tonight’s Raw & More

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Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman

- This week’s WWE Monday Night Raw will take place tonight from the Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island and will be the go-home to Battleground show. Perhaps the most noteworthy news item that will lead the night will be the announcement of the General Managers for Raw and Smackdown Live. Dean Ambrose will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins. Make sure to join us here at tonight at 8 PM ET for streaming live results and your discussion.

- The website obtained a statement from the New York Department of State, the body that governs the New York State Athletic Commission, in regards to Brock Lesnar’s status for WWE SummerSlam next month. The statement was vague but seemed to convey even if Lesnar was suspended from MMA competitions in the state, it would not prevent him from working for WWE, as long as WWE and their medical team cleared him to do so.

- WWE has simply distanced from Brock Lesnar while the potential USADA Anti-Doping Policy violation is worked out. It’s funny because they fully embraced him after he beat Mark Hunt [at UFC 200] but when news of a potential doping violation surfaced, they clarified Brock hasn’t worked for them since Wrestlemania 32 and isn’t due back until the latter part of next month (for SummerSlam). The timing was seen as very poor, considering it was right before the Draft and the build to SummerSlam was set to begin.

- Last night, in a post with the 2016 WWE Draft Rules, WWE listed the Superstars eligible to be drafted tomorrow night on Smackdown Live. Several injured Superstars were left off the list as well as part-time workers such as The Undertaker and Triple H. Brock Lesnar, however, was included. Ryback, who is currently locked in a contract dispute with WWE and is likely finished, was also absent.

- A lot of people within WWE are pushing for a clean split between Raw and Smackdown, with cross-over appearances being few and far in-between efforts. The feeling is if they are really going to be committed to getting a brand extension over, they have to make the distinction very clear to even the most casual fan. One observer believes they need to make Raw and Smackdown as distinct and different as WWE NXT is from the main roster.

- Re-implementing the brand extension is something that is happening because Vince McMahon wanted to re-implement it. He’ll still oversee all final creative decisions on both brands.

- Shane McMahon’s official role in WWE is still “on-air talent.” I can confirm he’s been consulted on issues other than just his role but that’s still the word from within the company.

- Naomi teased on her social media that she is working with WWE on a character revamp to make her return “fresh” and “epic.”

- Following up on the injury to Heath Slater, he did not work last night’s WWE live event in Augusta, Maine. Slater suffered a deep laceration above his right eye in a match against Titus O’Neil on Saturday night, which required 18 sutures to close. Slater was replaced by Baron Corbin.

- Congratulations Ric Flair! Pro Wrestling Sheet reported over the weekend that Flair recently got engaged to Wendy Barlow, a/k/a Fifi the Maid, who managed him in WCW.

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