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Can Eva Marie Become Face Of WWE Divas? Richard Reacts

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    Original: recently interviewed Eva Marie to promote her revival in NXT and role on Total Divas. Below are the highlights:

If Brian Kendrick had her study any certain style:

Absolutely! He didn’t specifically tell me to stay with any certain style but he had me watch film from Japanese wrestling to old school matches with WWE. I watched a lot of super crazy Tajiri matches, which were insane to me because of that style. It’s so fast doing moonsault after moonsault after moonsault was pretty impressive. I just pick and choose from different matches and different eras. Things are always changing but a lot of things are the same just with different little flavors.

Her NXT entrance attire:

That was collaboration between Brian [Kendrick] and myself. His wife actually made my robe for me. I love the old school wrestling. That’s what I watched with my brothers so I wanted to bring back the over the top pageantry, the glam, and no Diva on the roster has an entrance like that so I wanted to be different and bring something new into the generation that I’m in right now.

If she can be the face of the Divas division one day:

Absolutely! 100 percent without a doubt. That’s the plan.

CLICK HERE to read the piece in its entirety.

Richard Reacts: WWE hired Eva Marie based on her looks and are determined to make her a viable Diva by specifically hiring Brian Kendrick to work on her in-ring. What I like about Eva Marie is her work ethic and ability to brush the haters off and not let anyone get in her way. A lot of people are jealous of her position because of WWE’s strong commitment to her improvement but she’s doing all she can to turn things around regarding her in-ring. I’m rooting for her because I like to see people overcome the odds and prove the naysayers wrong. Good for her.

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