Can Seth Rollins Surpass CM Punk?


With Nikki Bella recently passing the record of being the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion of all time which ended AJ Lee's run from holding the record, the attention now turns to whether or not someone can end the reign of CM Punk as the longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. Many have speculated that higher up's in WWE want that man to be Roman Reigns but I believe WWE already has their man in Seth Rollins. It's possible it could even happen during Seth's run right now as a first time WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Seth Rollins & CM Punk

Let's face it, WWE and CM Punk have a relationship that is probably more sour than anyone could imagine. It was clear for me from the moment the company started talking up the whole story with Nikki Bella potentially passing AJ Lee's Divas Championship reign that not only would Nikki pass AJ but that she would lose the title in her next match. I don't know entirely what terms AJ Lee left WWE on but one has to imagine that her relationship in real life with Punk would have some bearing and impact upon her remaining in possession of any records of significance within WWE. So given that Punk walked out on the company and has been quite vocal about his unhappiness in WWE I get the impression that the company aren't going to be too keen on having him hold the record of longest reigning WWE Champion of the modern era. It might seem petty but that's how things go nowadays and I don't doubt WWE could be priming Seth Rollins for the role of being the one to top him.

It's inevitable that one day Punk's record will be beaten. Records have always been made to be broken and I think if it is done right then the record can not only go to someone deserving, but could go to help establish someone as the next big thing. I look at Seth Rollins and the way he has so far been booked and it very much reminds me how Punk had been booked in the past, with having the cowardly role at times yet somehow always overcoming the odds to steal or gain a victory to remain champion. Seth Rollins is currently on a run of around 185 days (at the time of writing) so he still has some way to go before he surpasses 434 days. But in reality he is very close to being half way there so how long will it be before people start questioning if Seth has what it takes to break Punk's record?

Seth Rollins

There appears to be a slow but sure build to a confrontation of sorts between Rollins and Triple H. How long it is before that happens is anybody's question. At ne point it appeared that moment would be coming sooner rather than later. But now it appears WWE has switched direction and are programing Seth with Kane going forward. But if WWE really want to take this potential program between Seth and Hunter to the next level then why not have Seth at least attempt to break the record set by Punk, have Seth claim that he is the greatest of all time, have him claim he is better than Triple H in his prime, and spend a few weeks of Rollins having small digs at Triple H, which Hunter ignores for a few weeks but slowly begins to turn, leading up to a match around the 430 day mark for Seth's run. It's a perfectly written story all ready for some execution but it's whether or not WWE chose to wait before pulling the Triple H and Rollins trigger.

The question has to be asked is Rollins on a level as good as, or higher than Punk to be worthy of even achieving this accolade? Many people have made light of the fact Nikki Bella isn't on the same level as AJ Lee, and while I agree with that I think it's more important that the run as champion is a good and memorable one. Seth's run has had it's fair share of lowlights but it has certainly had it's fair share of highlights too, including the night he broke John Cena's nose (not a crowning achievement but it is memorable), he had a solid match with Sting, his matches with Dean Ambrose have been nothing short of amazing, and I don't think Seth has really had a bad match in his run. Is Seth on the same level as Punk in the ring? I think Punk was probably better in his prime but that doesn't mean Seth is far behind him. In fact I think with the right booking and right opponents Seth can surpass Punk as one of the best of all time in the ring. Sting gave Rollins high praise following their match at Night of Champions so that has to say something for the man.

Seth Rollins

I think in all honesty it's highly likely we will see CM Punk's record broken within the next decade. WWE may not want to do it straight away to stop people claiming it's only been done to spite Punk, but the day will come. Will it be Rollins who breaks the record? Anything is possible. And it certainly doesn't have to be in this run that Seth breaks the record. He has all the in ring skill and potential to be able to comfortably surpass Punk in the ring. No matter who ends up being the one to break the record I hope that WWE pick someone worthy of ending the run and don't just pick someone just to say the record was ended. Right now Seth, Roman Reigns, or Dolph Ziggler would be my preferred choices to do it but whether any of them become the man to do it remains to be seen.

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