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The Casual Observer: Life In The Fast Lane, Already Yielding?

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Life in the fast lane, surely make you lose your mind?
Life in the fast lane, are you with me so far?
The Eagles

I recently reposted a meme on behalf of Mick Foley that asked that if you believe children with special needs want anything different than the rest of society than you should know; they don’t. Obviously just like the Crusher children with special needs who grow up to be adults want what every adult wants to be treated equally or fairly.

Beyond that I looked at the comments and most were a mixed bag of reviews regarding the management of the WWE Universe and one summed up what this article addresses direct:

“ I’m tired of all the crap the drama The Authority is serving. Big Show, Kane, and the three stooges are real lame. Why can’t we have just good wrestling?” Honest to God- or maybe Foley, in this case- that is a direct quote from a fan who’s clearly and rightfully fed up. And who among you can blame this sentiment? Another simply echoed what I brought to light in my first article: they’d rather watch NXT. Does that mean a majority won’t watch Wrestlemania? Of course not.

But Authority? Or maybe Stooges fits better at this point, are you with me so far? Wait, forget myself for the moment (I’m sure you’d love too) are you with your own Universe and fans overall? Going by the above quote from a fan direct, I think I can speak on their behalf and say: NO!!! NO!!! NO!!! Just by scanning the latest Smackdown Breakdown by veteran writer for WNW, Jamie Welton, I can see perhaps the reason VKM can’t retire.

Triple H, the self-titled cerebral assassin, should probably change his name to industry assassin, because his father-in-law is having to play the game for him. From the Vigilante storyline to how you “captured the flag” from Cena to regain power( yes, produced by VKM-I’m sure but I did ask him to step down) and then last night… The first thing I noticed was Big Show in a picture about to slam Bryan into what looked like the turnbuckle outside the ring or stairs, further injuring, or hoping to injure a recently returned Superstar that is top card for the Fast Lane. To add insult to injury you make Bryan tag in with his rival for Fast Lane: Roman Reigns.

You made these two sportsman and rivals team up in a gauntlet of matches one right after the other so what…neither could beat Brock? Then what may I ask is the point of Fast Lane, as I see it, it’s to make more fans yield to an Authority that from what I can tell has had problems asserting it, as is evidenced by the fact that Mr. No Chance himself issued an ultimatum before Survivor series stating if the Authority loses they lose power and how big did that go over the night after when Cena announced Bryan as the new general manager of Raw in place of Triple H and the heiress apparent? I heard only the rumblings, but those closest to the epicenter of change heard a roaring echo of support for Cena’s decision.

Now, I can hear the WWE and its argument already: It’s all to create controversy, because controversy creates financial gain- even for some of the fans! All well and good, but they aren’t majority stockholders are they; no you are. And you also know who gets credit for the above statement Eric Bischoff; possibly the only man as hated more so than the current dynasty because of his treatment of the WCW in the early 90’s. Comparisons and analogies don’t always swing in the corporate favor, and for that? I’m so, so, sorry… Or I wish that I could be.

Stephanie dear? Here’s the thing I’m glad no one actually lost their jobs when you and your husband were reinstated; however unfairly, but yourself being the head of branding and your husband being head of creative I’ll admit: I’m at a complete loss. Again, most likely because I’m not behind the boardroom or is that bored-room. The issue I’m having is twofold: 1) Current talent is getting worked over hard before a pay-per-view-and that okay I can concede as I don’t pretend to know your actual plans for Fast Lane, but 2) The point I can’t concede by logic alone? Why is The Game being played by your father? Why is he not putting out talent from his control in NXT? I’ve no idea what NXT stands for probably just-NEXT- as in next in line to succeed, but I see it differently. NXT to myself stands for Newly Excelling Talent or did I watch a wildly different match than you, the Stooges, in Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn? Stephanie as an heiress and next in line with your husband to succeed dear ole Dad, don’t you feel responsible to the fan base to listen to them?!?

Paul Heyman himself once stated: “Anyone who is on TV, is an entertainer, [and] why shouldn’t they be allowed to lie?” I’ll grant you that’s a paraphrase of an old quote probably and now that he has beaten the Streak we all held so dear would probably lie, cheat, and steal for you just because he’s on top of the world by proxy. But do you know why you shouldn’t lie, cheat, and steal: the WWE Universe. Because ultimately my dear Stooges: We pay to keep your lights on! And we want more from the main card than what’s being given as the Newly Excelling Talent is outdoing themselves. All of them, no. I’ve got fortitude; I’m not stupid, but those that are leaving shocked looks on the faces of your development stage? Move them up or it won’t be the boardroom that’s bored: but the fans themselves.

There now I’ve played the game too-and right, wrong, or otherwise? Your move WWE, time to put up or shut up… and if that wasn’t blunt enough for you Stooges be the legacy VKM knows beyond a shadow of a doubt he can be proud of and take us in a new direction that can reignite some flagging passions of this Universe; make us care even more now that you’ve ended The Streak and bring us some fresh perspectives and new Superstars to cheer for. To borrow from a theme song-in part- you’re here to save the world your father envisioned so stop behaving as Stooges and start showing us why you deserve our respect as the branding and creative force known as the Authority. Then we might respect you, applaud you, and give you a better welcome into our homes as we pay to see new ideas you create for us; the fans. So, are you still in the Fast Lane with us? For all fans, I certainly hope so. For now, your dismissed, “Authority”.

For another great article, check out Will WM Be Good? by Dave Johnston.

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