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The Casual Observer: Why Watch WM 31?

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To a long time fan, this seems at first glance to be a completely off the wall and cuff suggestion. Why watch WM 31? Why would you not? Are you crazy or just stupid? I can hear and agree with some thoughts of you the fans; there’s no doubt I’m crazy, no contest in fact. As my opening line suggests, I’m not a long time veteran of the sport so of course- I must be completely off my rocker… Why not watch possibly the best card the WWE puts out there every single year? I mean you must be a complete newbie to say don’t watch WM!!!

Yes, I know and agree. I’m the casual observer after all. But here’s what I know about Wrestlemania: It’s where they pull out all the stops, have considerably the best matches available, and the largest plot twists and turns in known existence. But it’s also a script. And sometimes a bad line slips in (Gimmick Battle Royal, anyone?) and leaves any fan headed for a bathroom break- apologies to the Divas, in advance- and is that what you pay ten to fifty five dollars to see or do? Even as a casual observer, no. Absolutely not. We deserve better than bad lines or a clearly slanted match for one over another superstar (Cena over Rock at Wrestlemania 29) and I being new to the writing aspect of this have found an answer for people tired of Vince making bad calls and desperately trying to reinstate his throne- yes, I’m referring to Survivor series where Sting made his first appearance in a WWE Ring to help Team Cena and the fallout involving Christian and Edge.

I mean come on! Any fan knew they would never physically injure Edge or Christian as they both earned their spot as Legends and Edge is a WWE hall of Fame inductee as of 2012. I came up with a scenario far more believable that gave the Authority, well, just that authority, isn’t that what they wanted? How they went about it? Disgraceful. Leaders’ should show class and here’s a fact and probably why Trips feels entitled to his throne never mind being married into the Mcmahon line via Stephanie. His first gimmick was a young fit and arrogant (some things don’t change, I guess, but with Vince as a father figure, what can you expect?) was that of Hunter Hearst Helmsley and he was billed in 1994-95 as a regale-apologies to William- athlete and a dominant personality in the ring.

That being said, it’s no wonder Triple H feels entitled and threatened when he resorts to bullying Cena into reinstating him at Edge and Christian’s expense. That isn’t an Authority, that’s a bully, and last I watched a commercial? Their biggest message to children and younger fans on the PG Era is “B A Star”? Does that sound like a mixed message to you as super fans and to casuals, like myself? No. It doesn’t and therefore I present my scenario for their come back to power that’s honestly just more befitting an organization supposedly against bullying.
As most of you know, Sting made his appearance during the last Survivor series to save Team Cena, right? Besides Ziggler sold like a champion, so for that reason alone, Team Cena deserved that win, in spite of Big Show’s betrayal to his team. I mean how many times has Show worn both shoes of a face and a heel; sometimes at once, how confusing… Anyway that’s for another article at another time.

What the Authority could’ve done to prove they deserve the right of power is have the two power heels ( I mean H and Steph) come out Vickie Guerrero style and say: Cena!!! EXCUSE ME! But you’re supposed win? Invalid. You had outside help in Sting and as such violated the terms of the match itself as such if you don’t reinstate us? Cena sucks! May become more than just a chant and we’ll have to reevaluate your status here under our employment. Now if, you choose to reinstate us you have a guaranteed spot; but as per our original agreement? Ryback, Ziggler, and Rowan are now FIRED- for their insubordination in your little challenge. All this of course being done over a signed contract with tables and umm… chairs. Insured riot and a repeat of Survivor Series, which was even from the outside looking in? A decent spectacle. For the record, I’m aware none of the above lost their positions in the Universe and I know its standard to go by what the WWE presents us as fans, both causal and otherwise; so I’m not complaining as I’ve no right. But question? Is that something you would’ve watched? Maybe with Sting and Trips going at it for real as a preview of things to come?

Overall, The Game and the missus have lost a few steps and respect to some degree in this casual observer’s eye and have failed this universe. Further, I love the NXT and its apparent creed: “You’re not here to fill a spot…You’re here to take one.”
I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an avid veteran and therefore don’t know what goes on behind closed doors of locker rooms and board rooms as well; but I just recently finished watching the NXT matchup between Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn and they owned every inch of that stage, matchup, and vigor, and shock of the fans there. These two former friends-now rivals-did something that hasn’t been done since the Attitude Era, between the Stone Cold and Bret “The Hitman” Hart, winning a title by total knockout.

And yet, I was informed by my more avid peers that there is a moratorium in place that no NXT development would advance to the main event that is WM 31. And to add to my issue? I went back to the appearance of Kevin Owens and from broken nose to NXT Champion in the span of two months?!? Come on “Authority” take a hint and promote this talented superstar before you miss an opportunity that’s literally staring myself, a casual observer in the face: the talent in your developmental program is obviously ready to make their various debuts and why not at your single biggest event of the year? Why, please tell me- why hold these taken spots back when you could make this next Wrestlemania about the resurgence of passion, vigor, and fresh athletic ability of hungry superstars in the wings?

Thus, as it stands, NXT beats your best ploys, some current talents, and puts Wrestlemania itself to shame, or must I really watch the 1- in 21 and 1-beat whoever wins Fast Lane? Because even though this is an early prediction from a casual observer? Bryan wins due to fan love and then you Eat, Sleep, and bore your universe… Again… how original. For the record, I hope I’m wrong I’d love to watch Heyman’s Beast be bashed by a flying Superman punch repeatedly; why? Because no matter the outcome I’m tired of the Authority bullying and controlling every aspect of this business. The die-hard tired fans deserve to see something they can’t see coming. Thanks to all of you who read this, and hey while I’m on the mic so to speak? Induct Conner the Crusher; that kid had a heart of gold like The Game apparently has a glass jaw. And needling aside? Set an example and: B a Star, WWE!

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