Cesaro Has Talent To Make WWE Swiss-tory But Needs A Killer Angle

Cesaro Injured

A month ago Tyson Kidd sustained a freak injury and has since undergone fusion surgery expected to rule him out for at least the next year. After a stop-start career in WWE, at the time of his injury Kidd was half of one of the best tag teams we had seen in the past few years alongside Cesaro. In their first six months together they had won and lost the Tag Team Titles and it was only a matter of time before they inevitably regained the belts. They had quickly developed their understanding, so quickly in fact they had not even been granted their official name, and they were working more coherently than other more long standing teams.

At Extreme Rules they put on a contender for match of the night and one of the best Tag Team matches of the year where Cesaro was the stand out performer and was simply magnificent, it is little wonder that Vince was impressed and wanted to push the duo hard in the second half of this year. Sadly Kidd's injury is too long for Cesaro to simply sit on the sidelines waiting bringing the team, at least until next year, to a premature end. So what lies next for the enigma and perennial underachiever that is Cesaro?

There is no doubting that Cesaro is a fantastic in-ring performer but things just have not worked out for him so far in WWE. Things looked like they were going to be so different when Cesaro was victorious at WrestleMania XXX in the now much-maligned Andre The Giant Battle Royal. However he wasn't to see a PPV win in 2014 after Extreme Rules in May and even a partnership with the golden Paul Heyman failed to bear fruit.

Antonio Cesaro

It may have seemed like things couldn't get much worse after spending the vast majority of the year having his shoulders pinned to the mat when Vince McMahon spoke about him on "The Stone Cold Podcast" in less than glowing terms. Although Austin stated that he was a fan, McMahon pulled no punches declaring that Cesaro "doesn't quite have the charisma, doesn't quite have the verbal skills as well." McMahon added that "there's something missing" with him and delivered a stunner of his own when he said that while Cesaro has a great physical presence, he "lacks 'it.'"

Despite the above McMahon said he hadn't given up and Cesaro eventually forced his way back into winning ways and obtaining a title, albeit a Tag Team title, in a good match at FastLane. The Tag Team title match had been relegated to the under-card at WrestleMania but Cesaro and Kidd put on such a good display they simply had to be featured in the next two PPV events.

The matches at Extreme Rules and Payback against rivals New Day were so good there were rumours that Triple H wanted to push Cesaro as a singles competitor. Fate has forced the move and last week on Raw the rumours certainly seemed to be true as he was given, by Raw standards, an epic amount of TV time against John Cena. Cesaro even looked to be on the verge of a shock victory in the US title open challenge until Kevin Owens decided to give both a pop-up powerbomb. What happens next seems very unclear but there seems an obvious way for Cesaro to establish himself as a big player in WWE.

Antonio Cesaro

There is no doubting that following his displays in WWE that Cesaro has the in-ring ability to compete against the very best, but you can't get by on being a solid worker alone any more. He needs a killer angle to make himself a household name. Just like CM Punk made headlines when he dropped his pipe bomb, just like Steve Austin rose to stardom with his 3:16 speech, Cesaro needs to carve his own moment in history with a memorable moment and promo and what better inspiration for that than the McMahon podcast interview.

Cesaro has got the perfect situation which blurs the lines of kayfabe and has the potential to break the internet. Imagine an interview with Cesaro where he says that the Owens interference was just one in a long line of instances of him being held back by other people and rips into Mr McMahon. That despite being pound for pound the best athlete on the roster he can't get a break because he doesn't act like a clown for McMahon which apparently then means you have charisma. Suggest that if his verbal skills aren't good enough perhaps he should bore everyone to death talking about pride and not giving up every week like Cena. Delivered with passion and intensity a Cesaro sick of being mistreated could then declare that it is no more "Mr Nice" and then start a vicious rampage as a heel.

That is just one idea off the top of my head but there are plenty of things WWE could do with Cesaro and I just hope one of the people employed to create these scenarios makes the most of his talent before it is too late. Cesaro is immensely talented but unless somebody gives him a role of importance and at least one angle worthy of dominating Raw and PPV events he could end up just being remembered as the superstar that could have been, but never was.

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