Charlotte Is WWE's Ronda Rousey, No Payoff For Owens, Issues w/Undertaker-Lesnar

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How legitimate is the Divas revolution in WWE? Is a fad that will cool or are we in the midst of the philosophical change so many of us have been waiting for?

A week in, the Divas revolution in WWE appears to be legitimate. With the new influx of talent, how can it not be? I talked about this in-depth in Richard Reacts to Battleground but there is one point I want to underscore. Charlotte is the most complete Diva I’ve ever seen. I realize some people are going to say I’m going overboard but go back and watch her at Battleground last night. It’s more than her look or her in-ring - take a look at how she carries herself, her facial expressions and most importantly, her passion.

Charlotte carries a deep passion for the business that can be seen in her work and I believe that’s what has fast tracked her development. Unlike former star prospects such as Seth Rollins or Kevin Owens, Charlotte is still relatively new to the business but she looks like a seasoned veteran. She has what can’t be taught and after all, should we surprised considering she is the daughter of Ric Flair?

I don’t know where Charlotte’s ceiling is but it’s very, very high. I believe she can legitimatize the WWE Divas like Ronda Rousey legitimatized women’s fighting in UFC. I am not trying to diminish the work of the others, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks are also very talented, but Charlotte is on another level. She has no choice but to be a top star and appears to be the Diva that is going to change the way we look at Divas.

Why is WWE so reluctant to have John Cena lose a feud? I thought he had another spectacular match with Kevin Owens on Sunday night in Battleground but shouldn’t Owens have gone over?

WWE missed a big opportunity by refusing to put Kevin Owens at Battleground on Sunday night. It also served as a sobering reminder for those that bet on sports-entertainment as Owens was favored to win the United States Championship. Don’t ever bet on pro wrestling. As for the future of Cena-Owens, WWE could always do another match at SummerSlam but with every match, it will mean less.

By the time Bray Wyatt went over Cena in their 2014 program, it was too late and WWE basically had to start from scratch. Owens is primed to breakout but it’s almost like WWE is scared to pull the trigger. There are countless examples and we know how this ends (Cena continuing as the face of WWE and the opponents ending up as proverbial mid-carders). It’s time to break the cycle and a loss would not hurt Cena but I can’t explain the unexplainable. Remember, I’m a John Cena fan, I’ve been saying for years his in-ring was tremendously underrated, but Battleground had the wrong finish.

If Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker face off at SummerSlam, if you’re booking, who goes over and why?

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker should garner a lot of interest and bump the WWE Network’s subscription numbers for SummerSlam. But it’s a booking nightmare and I went over my initial booking concerns earlier here at Wrestling News World. It’s more than just wins and losses but I’ll argue wins and losses mean more when dealing with these two. Both Undertaker and Brock Lesnar are part-timers so when they lose in a big program, they go away for awhile. This has the ability to hamper how they are seen moving forward. It’s not like booking a worker that's around all the time, that can easily avenge a loss on television.

If I had to book Lesnar vs. Undertaker, I would book a dirty finish to set up Undertaker’s Wrestlemania 32 program. Whether that’s Sting or someone else, I believe that’s the best route to take when considering SummerSlam. I’ll admit, I don’t like dirty finishes on pay-per-views, especially “big four” pay-per-views, but I don’t see a situation where there aren’t ramifications by either Undertaker or Lesnar losing clean.

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