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Chyna Pleads With Vince McMahon & Triple H For Meeting

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Chyna released the following video, pleading for a meeting with Vince McMahon and Triple H to “bury the hatchet”:

I transcribed the video, as you can read her comments below:

Hi this is Chyna and I just wanted to respond to all the craziness that has been going on between myself and the WWE and myself and Hunter. First I want to say, my name is Chyna. Those that know me as Joanie or Joan, that’s cool but just to let everyone know that knows me, my name is legally Chyna.

Regarding my relationship with the WWE and Hunter, those were the best days of my life. Wonderful opportunities and I am very grateful for those days, which is why I feel so passionate about being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. And in my campaign to be inducted, a lot of other issues have come up, which I feel are personal between myself and Hunter and myself and Vince and I have gone to WWE offices to try and get a meeting to discuss these issues personally with Hunter and with Vince. And I would really like to open the dialogue and have an audience with them to make that happen.

Hunter and Vince, may I please have a meeting so we can make amends and bury the hatchet.

Triple H — through WWE Public Relations — has issued multiple statements recently against claims made by Chyna that he physically abused her. You can catch up on all of that in our Chyna News Archive.

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