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Chyna WWE Photo Generates Social Media Buzz

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Joan “Chyna” Laurer is receiving a lot of buzz on social media for the following:

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">@ChynaJoanLaurer visits the #wwe headquarters.

— Erik Angra (@AngraFilm)

@ChynaJoanLaurer visits the #wwe headquarters.

— Erik Angra (@AngraFilm) June 15, 2015

">June 15, 2015

As far as we know, this was just a publicity stunt and there is nothing more to it. She got her photo taken in front of the new WWE logo that may or may not be in the company’s Stamford, CT headquarters. I’ve never been to the building so I can’t tell you if that tile is from their lobby or not, however, we’re unaware of any contact within the company. In fact, WWE has continued to put distance from Chyna due to continued abuse claims against Triple H. Wrestling News World reader Nick Adkinson posted this photo on our Facebook page, which was taken in the lobby of WWE Headquarters in Stamford, CT:


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