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Is "Classic Swags" Dangerous?

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Shortly following this week's Smackdown taping and before WWE announced that World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler suffered a concussion, I received word that Jack Swagger had possibly put Ziggler on the shelf.

I didn't want to make mention of Swagger being the person that injured Ziggler until I had a chance to see the spot for myself. The spot aired on this week's Smackdown and is now online at this link or embedded in the video below:

It's clear the injury occurred at the 0:28 mark. Following Swagger's kick to the head, Ziggler didn't seem to know where he was.

Shortly after news of the injury broke, I referenced my Backstage News report from this week's WWE Raw. Below is an excerpt from the WNW Premium exclusive:

We’re told Jack Swagger got heat as soon as he got backstage for being careless with the ladder following Alberto Del Rio’s match against Dolph Ziggler. Not only from Del Rio but from WWE officials as well. The feeling was he was reckless and could have hurt someone.

Following a stern warning and public chewing out, Swagger takes out the World Heavyweight Champion with a kick to the head the very next night.

Check out the spot he got heat for at 2:45 of this video. You can also watch the footage in the video embedded below:

Let's face it. Injuries happen and are part of this business. Every performer knows when they come through the curtain, they have a chance of not walking back. However, what happens when a certain worker has a reputation for being reckless?

Following his concussion, while speaking with dot com, Ziggler recalls:

“When I asked, over and over, what happened, AJ told me that Swagger kicked me in the head,”

“Apparently, all I said was ‘classic Swags.’ As for Del Rio, even a zombified me is more charismatic than Del Rio. I don’t get him. Maybe because he’s closer to my Dad’s age.”

Now obviously these are part-kayfabe comments. Ziggler, who doesn't do a lot of "shooting," is furthering his gimmick in an article that is also served to update his condition. However, the "classic Swags" line might be more of a shoot than one realizes.

I'll reiterate what Swagger was told Monday night, "The feeling was he was reckless and could have hurt someone." The very next night, he does just that. He hurt someone.

It's interesting to note that Sin Cara made his return to the ring Friday night after being out for two months due to a concussion. I looked up Cara's opponent for the match and was intrigued to see the answer -- Jack Swagger.

Is Jack Swagger dangerous?

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