CM Punk & Cabana End Friendship?, WWE Wanted Paige-ADR To Break Up, Former Star Turns Down Return Offer

Paige & Alberto Del Rio

- CM Punk and Colt Cabana have apparently had a falling out according to Front Row Brian, who has broken some MMA stories in the past. According to Brian, Colt attended a recent WWE Raw, went backstage and took photos. Punk reportedly “went nuts” because he felt it hurts his defense in the ongoing defamation lawsuit filed by WWE Senior Ringside Physician Chris Amann that Vince McMahon is backing. For what it’s worth, neither Cabana nor Punk follow each other on Twitter. Cabana has blocked both me personally and WNW on Twitter, while Punk only blocks WNW.

- Booker T was hospitalized at the end of July after doing a Spin-o-roonie on hardwood floor. He suffered an elbow injury that required surgery as Book blamed it on two decades of performing the move.

WNW HD Coming Soon

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- Brock Lesnar and CM Punk have communicated on and off leading up to Punk’s debut fight at UFC 203 next weekend. Lesnar has lent Punk an ear to ask questions no matter what they are. For those that don’t realize it, Punk and Lesnar formed a friendship when they worked together in WWE three years ago. Brock was said to be more invested in the program than some of the other stuff he’s done and they worked well together.

- Mister Saint Laurent stated on the latest episode of “MSL & Sullivan” on MLW Radio that WWE had such a problem with Alberto Del Rio and Paige dating that they had Mark Carrano from talent relations approach each of them about it. According to MSL, it was indicated the office wanted them to end their romantic relationship. He even took it a step further by saying Paige’s job was threatened if the relationship wasn’t ended. We’ve already reported that Triple H felt Del Rio was a bad influence on Paige and that played into them being split in the 2016 WWE Draft. Now both are out with WWE Wellness Policy suspensions and Del Rio isn’t expected back.

- Mike Knox recently revealed he was offered a deal to return to WWE Raw under a full-time contract. He declined because he felt that he could no longer work the schedule at 38 years old.

- WWE has still not issued a statement on Bo Dallas and he wasn’t at television this week. They’re obviously aware of his arrest for public intoxication a couple of weeks ago and are apparently handling the matter internally.

- There has been a controversy over the way Amin Elhassan of ESPN responded to an article that highlighted the reaction of Kevin Owens’s son after he won the WWE Universal Championship on Monday. For those that haven’t followed, Sports Illustrated’s “For the Win” blog tweeted this:

">August 31, 2016

Elhassan tweeted this:

- This set off a firestorm of reactions, including former WWE star Cody Rhodes calling for the company to cut ties with ESPN. Rhodes tweeted, “WWE. Cut ties w/TMZ-they ran my Mother's 911 call. Cut ties w/ESPN-they insulted a child. Have balls. "'Mainstream" ain't always worth it.” Elhassan has since apologized.

- WWE announced on Friday that NXT TakeOver: Toronto will take place over Survivor Series weekend on Saturday, November 19, 2016. The show will emanate from the Air Canada Centre, which will host Survivor Series the following night and Raw on Monday.

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