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What If CM Punk Returned At Payback?

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Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the first of many “What If” articles. In this weekly series, I will take a scenario where something should or should not have happened, alter it, and then project what would or could happened down the road. Some of these scenarios may be minor, while some may change everything.

For the first edition in this series, I want to take a look at a very controversial WWE superstar, CM Punk. There have been plenty of articles written about CM Punk walking out of WWE and lots of speculation on why and if/when he will return. WWE has held two events in Chicago since Punk walked out. Of course there were fans speculating that this will be the night. But, it didn't happen. This past Sunday night, WWE Payback was held in Chicago. I read many scenarios of how Punk could return, and there was one I liked and wanted to use it for this article.

Daniel Bryan has had quite the year so far and might have to surrender his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He and his wife have a huge decision to make for Payback: surrender the one thing Bryan has worked for all his life, or don’t and Brie gets fired. Bryan and Brie meet Stephanie McMahon in the ring as seen on the actual show. They trade shots at each other about how Bryan shouldn't be stripped. Stephanie claims that the WWE Universe needs a fighting champion. Bryan goes on to say “Yes.... they do. And you know what Stephanie, I know someone that can fulfill that position. Chicago, you know who he is.”

The crowd explodes like they did at Money in the Bank 2011. CM Punk slowly walks to the ring wearing jeans and a Blackhawks jersey. Punk doesn't say anything as all four of them stand in the ring soaking up the emotional atmosphere. Stephanie looks furious and tells Punk he isn't welcomed here and that Bryan can’t simply hand over the titles to him. Punk smiles and looks back up at the stage when Vince McMahon comes walking down the ramp.

“Stephanie... I’m afraid I've got some bad news.” The crowd pops big time for Vince. “I have been working for nearly six months to make this man happy. You and your husband have made many people unhappy and I’m tired of keeping my mouth shut. I own this company and I get to make the final decisions around here. CM Punk WILL be given the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Brie Bella WILL keep her job. And Daniel Bryan will get his title shot when he makes his in-ring return at SummerSlam!”

Stephanie can’t believe what she just witnessed and runs to the back with what looks to be a wet spot on the back of her dress. A huge “YES!” chant breaks out as Bryan smiles and hands Punk the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Everyone leaves the ring and the fans are left wondering what in the world is going to happen?! That is answered at the beginning of Raw.

CM Punk makes his way to the ring with both titles. He tells the crowd that it may have been selfish of him to leave, but he’s back. Punk has missed his name being cheered, but most of all, he has missed wrestling. “I have the daunting task of defending these babies against another ‘best in the world’ at SummerSlam in a few months. Until then, I have a couple people I want to take care of before I do anything else. There’s that corporate wannabe who finally put his mask back on. Kane, come on out.” Kane comes down and the two stare at each other before Brad Maddox (who was never “fired”) comes out and announces that Punk will defend his titles against Kane in the main event of tonight’s Raw. Punk smiles and raises the titles before leaving the ring.

CM Punk is able to beat Kane in a twenty-minute title match to end Raw. After the match, Triple H comes down and talks to Punk for the first time in months. “Look, you managed to sneak your way back on to MY show to get MY titles just as easy as you walked away. I have yet to speak with Stephanie and Vince about this, but I already have a you booked for Money in the Bank.... against me.”

Punk would go on to beat Triple H at Money in the Bank. WWE Battleground is the next pay-per-view and there hasn't been much build for it. Vince McMahon tells Triple H that he can’t put himself in any more title matches for awhile. Hunter doesn't know what to do so he tells Punk that he will have a mystery opponent challenging him for the belts in a few weeks at Battleground. July 20th rolls around and it’s time to decide who Daniel Bryan will challenge at SummerSlam. Punk is the first to the ring. And then out walks Batista. The Animal has returned from promoting his new movie and is back to claim his title shot Triple H “promised him”. CM Punk manages to retain and is now scheduled to defend against former champion, Daniel Bryan.

Raw is here and CM Punk says it’s time for another pipebomb. He sits with his legs crossed in the ring and sits both titles down in front of him. “A lot has happened in these last eight months. I left you guys for half a year and lots of you turned your backs on me. CM Who? What’s a Punk? I heard all about it. I was handed the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and I’ve enjoyed being on top of the world. But, this is only the beginning. You see, I’ve been arranging something big for you guys over the last few weeks. And well, I thought it would be a nice surprise for Daniel Bryan. Paul, bring them out.”

Brock Lesnar, Cesaro, Corey Graves, and AJ Lee walk out onto the stage with Paul Heyman.

The crowd and fans all around the world are shocked. “This is only the beginning.”

CM Punk has turned heel and aligned with Paul Heyman once again to form a Heyman stable featuring a group of talented workers. Daniel Bryan is in disbelief after seeing this and is worried he won’t get a fair shot at Punk’s titles. A 60-minute Iron Man Match is scheduled for SummerSlam, which is a huge announcement to the IWC.

Obviously we can see that this scenario would bring a bit of change to the WWE. CM Punk returns and turns heel as a Paul Heyman stable is formed. Lesnar is back to work SummerSlam, but we aren't sure who his opponent is. Cesaro continues to get pushed and wins a singles title. Corey Graves debuts on the main roster and AJ Lee becomes the first Paul Heyman Girl. Daniel Bryan has to overcome the odds as he tries to regain the WWE World Heavyweight Title. This is a game-changer for some main-eventers and sure would make SummerSlam must-see.

So what’s next? Who wins at SummerSlam? What happens for the rest of 2014? Well that’s for you to predict and decide. While some of this may lack details as to why and how things happen, I hope you enjoyed the first edition of this series. Feel free to leave a comment below on your thoughts of this fantasy story and also what you think could happen after SummerSlam. You can follow me on Twitter @cj_blaze24.

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