CM Punk's Future In UFC, Rousey Defends MMA, WWE Star Set For Return, Eva Marie Update

CM Punk

- It’s a quiet weekend as WWE has Raw and Smackdown next week and then is heading overseas for shows in London, Manila and China. While it’s quiet for WWE, we’re working extremely hard on WNW HD, which is coming soon to your WNW Premium subscription. We’re about to re-invent paid content on a professional wrestling website and we’re giving you the chance to get on before prices change. To get a last minute subscription at the current rates, or our $4.95/month deal for 18 months, go to the SIGNUP or RENWAL page as the rate may have already changed by the time you hit the link.

WNW HD Coming Soon

- CM Punk is under a multi-fight deal with UFC and is going to fight again, win or lose, at UFC 203. A common theme Punk has reiterated on the media circuit for next weekend’s fight against Mickey Gall is this isn’t some type of publicity stunt. Punk has always wanted to fight but was unable to do so due to his WWE obligations. When he was offered a chance to sign with UFC, he took it to fulfill one of his major life goals. Punk is confident that he is ready and that he will win against Gall, whether by knockout, submission or decision.

- Ronda Rousey stated in a recently released clip of the documentary "The Hurt Business: A Deeper Look at MMA” that mixed martial arts is the most responsible form of violence. Below is an excerpt:

"I think a lot of people that are ignorant about [MMA] think that it promotes violence, when it really is the most responsible outlet for it," Rousey said. "It's a human instinct to fight, and if you try to suppress it entirely and put everyone in a bubble-wrapped society, that's when people end up going nuts and shooting movie theaters.

"If any of those people that had all of that aggression built up in them had some sort of outlet, I think that we would have a lot more societal health.”

Rousey is one of the primary subjects of the film, which opens September 29, 2016. She’s hoping to return to UFC before the end of the year after her shocking loss to Holly Holm at UFC 193 last November.

"It's not violence for the sake of violence," Rousey said. "The word 'art' is in it for a reason. When I go in there, yeah, I'm fighting, but really what I'm trying to do is outsmart the other person. It's a puzzle to be solved.

"I'm not going in there and spazzing out, swinging my hands -- lifting weights so I can swing my hands even harder. It's more mental and tactical than anything else, and I think it's the purest, most beautiful sport in the world.” has more on Rousey at this link.

- Bo Dallas, who was kicked off a flight a couple weeks ago and not at TV this week, is expected to return to WWE next week. His punishment was handled internally and to the best of our knowledge, WWE has not commented on the incident. We detailed what happened at this link.

- Luke Harper, who is recovering from a torn ACL, is expected to return to WWE before the end of the year. He’s scheduled to start rehab at the WWE Performance Center soon if he hasn’t already.

- Eva Marie still has red hair, by the way.

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