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Complete Recap Of Jeff Jarrett's TNA Hall Of Fame Induction

Jeff Jarrett was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame at Saturday’s tapings from Universal Studios in Orlando, FL. Dixie Carter tweeted this:

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Scott Brooks was in attendance and filed the following report of the induction:

Jeff Jarrett’s Hall of Fame Induction was about to begin. Evidently Jarrett’s whole family is here tonight. Borash introduced Mike Tenay. Tenay welcomed the fans to the ceremony and introduces Dixie Carter. She says she is honored to be here tonight and calls him “the” TNA original and says wrestling is in DNA. After college she moved to Dallas and right next to door to him lived this man with white blond hair and he said he was a professional wrestler. Fast forward to 2002 and it was so strange that their paths crossed again. She said nobody would be here tonight without this man. It reminds her of the film “It’s A Wonderful Life” and without him how different a path all of their lives would have taken. She knows every fan and every person who has ever been associated with this company feels the exact same way. It is her privilege to introduce to the 2015 HOF: Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett arrive to the ring. Dixie says on behalf of TNA and fans around the world she wants to induct Jeff into the TNA Hall of Fame. Jeff says they may be here a long time if they are going to get through all of his thank yous. If you have ever been a TNA consumer or customer, he says thank you very much. On the flip side if you have ever received a paycheck from TNA, he cannot thank them enough. He says you can’t have a match unless someone sets up a ring, if you have a ref, productions finance, legal and he can go on and on. He says thank you to Vib and Janice Carter. He name drops Ring Ka King and many members of the production, the live event production from the cameramen to the Harris Bros. he said it takes countless hours to make all of this happen. He then personally thanks Mike Tenay, referencing the fire incident at Hard Justice 2006 and even thanks Don West. He then moved to the talent from the X-Division to the Knockouts to the tag division (name dropping Beer Money, 3D, and the Machine Guns) to the heavyweights mentioning Kevin Nash, Mick Foley, Scott Steiner, and Booker T. A couple fans shout AJ and he says AJ too. He then says Dixie specifically saying they have had more highs than lows but without her saying yes to Jarrett to the HOF, he would not be here tonight. Then he moves specifically to family. He says 7 years ago he and Jerry had a fallout for this business for the direction of TNA and says about six weeks ago they reconciled. He should be standing before Jeff, he loves his father, and thanks him. To his kids, without his girls all five of them, he could not be who he was unless they supported him. He thanks Karen. He says there is a passage that “love conquers all” and she has had more mixed emotions over the last several months but at the end of the day she has stood by that. She loves him and for that he cannot thank her enough. He said he could not be more proud standing in this ring being inducted into the TNA HOF in 2015. The faces of the roster and some production agents come to the stage to applaud including the Hardys, Magnus, Drew Galloway Bobby Roode, Simon Diamond Shane Helms, Bully Ray Brooke Tigre Al Snow, Mandrews, Rickstar Spud, Chris Melendez, and Crazzy Steve. Kurt Angle then came to the stage and hugged Jeff.

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